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Why are there still so-called “disposable cameras”?

in the year 2021

Ilford Suc Hp5 Plus

Surely everyone can remember a wedding where some cameras were distributed to the guests to collect more photos for the wedding team. This was usually a cool idea and has certainly surprised many a wedding couple even days after the wedding.
Probably, however, hardly anyone thought to think about why you should use a camera only once. It would have been smarter to simply borrow a very inexpensive camera, similar to the Canon Sureshot series, from the photo store and then simply return it along with the finished film.
I just took the trouble and bought a “disposable camera” from Iflord and took it apart after development. What can be found in it? An Ilford SW film, a battery and a simple plastic version of a camera. At a price of 11 Euros, just 4 Euros more expensive than just buying the film. I have now given the film away and will now put a new film in the camera, perhaps a color film. I am curious about the results.

What do you think?

Written by Jens Schwoon

really addicted to cameras and old school stuff


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