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What a difference an April Joke makes – Digital Adapters for 35mm Cameras

some time ago in Germany a great idea was born

Digital Revolution

I recently came over a website to a very interesting idea to get some kind of digital film into an old 35 mm camera, for example a Canon AE-1. The mock-ups were great, the idea and the concept was also very interesting, but the “problem” is – it was an Aprils fool from a German design agency. So, many people were very pleased and interested at first sight and asked when and where the product could be bought, but then it came out to be only a design mock up – some kind of competition for students.

Nevertheless, the idea is fascinating, without the Adobe Air Software Integration ,-) , and it would set a bridge for all the old cameras to convert them by need to a digital camera. Why hasn’t anyone else come over to this point so far? On the one hand, it is great to see all the new cameras and the new stuff, but it is simply a good ideal to use the old analog cameras for the new “digital”. This could be a no-brainer for people which already use the old cameras and want to shoot digital now without the new digital-camera stuff.


Have a look at their website and enjoy creativity.

What do you think?

Written by Jens Schwoon

really addicted to cameras and old school stuff


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