UAE: Drones plant 10,000 Ghaf trees within hours

Uae Drones Plant 10 000 Ghaf Trees Within Hours

Around 10,000 Ghaf trees will soon dot the green belt of Sharjah’s Mleiha desert, thanks to the high-tech drones that did the job and planted the seeds in just a few hours. Taking the tech even further, the start-up behind the project is now getting ready to move beyond ghaf and let the drones plant other native seeds.

It would normally take months to plant thousands of trees in the desert by hand. But Dubai-based tech firm Cafu has found a way to speed up the entire process by using unique seedballs. These were then dispatched in the desert by a highly sophisticated multi-rotor drone.

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Cafu had earlier announced that its mega plan to plant one million Ghaf trees via drones in two years. On Monday, it said it had already completed two rounds of planting over 10,000 seeds in the desert this year. Since they started the project, the team has continuously developed its technologies. Now, it is using a first-of-its-kind planting mechanism designed by Cafu engineers.

The ghaf tree seed project is the brainchild of Rashid Al Ghurair, founder and CEO of Cafu.

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Source: Saman Haziq/Sharjah

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Uae Drones Plant 10 000 Ghaf Trees Within Hours

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Uae Drones Plant 10 000 Ghaf Trees Within Hours

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