TILTA Cage for Sony FX3 Announced

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The TILTA lightweight compact camera cage for the Sony FX3 is a now available for preordering. Offering several configurations, all with adequate protection and multiple mounting points threads and starting below $100, this new cage looks like an awesome companion to the new camera.

The Sony FX3 is already shipping and from what we hear and see, this camera is becoming a big success for Sony. If you haven’t done so, please spend a few minutes by taking a closer look at our full camera review and sample footage by clicking here. Eager to learn even more about the new camera? Why not join the conversation we did with Sony’s representative by clicking here, asking the hard questions regarding the similarity to the a7S III.

TILTA Sony FX3 full camera cage
TILTA Sony FX3 full camera cage. Image credit: TILTA

The FX3 is the most compact cinema camera Sony is currently offering and if you already invested in it you will be happy to know that TILTA has just announced a cage for it. (Kondor Blue and others did so slightly before.)

TILTA FX3 Cage – Full Cage and Pro Kit

As with all TILTA’s cage offerings, the system is very modular and can be upgraded at a later stage if needed. The basic item that you will need is the full cage itself. From here you can grow all the way to “Pro Kit“. The rule of thumbs will always be, the more you add to the kit, the greater the flexibility to attach external components and have multiple holding positions will be.

TILTA Sony FX3 cage
TILTA Sony FX3 cage, Horizontal position. Image credit: TILTA

Pricing and Availability

TILTA is currently offering a 10% reduction when pre ordering its Sony FX3 cages:

  • Full Camera Cage: $89.10
  • Basic kit: $224.10. (Full camera cage, rotatable top handle, 15mm base plate, aluminium rods)
  • Lightweight Kit: $242.10. (Full camera cage, left side advanced power handle, left side handle attachment, HDMI cable, HDMI cable clamp, Run/Stop cable)
  • Pro kit: $404.10. (Full camera cage, rotatable top handle, 15mm base plate, left side advanced power handle, aluminium rods, left side handle attachment, HDMI cable, HDMI cable clamp, Run/Stop cable)
1619807573 54 Tilta Cage For Sony Fx3 Announced
TILTA Sony FX3 cage basic kit. Image credit: TILTA

For additional information, head to TILTA’s website.

Do you have the Sony FX3? How do you like it so far? Do you already have a cage for it and if not, will you consider buying a TILTA cage for it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below the article.

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