This is the Absolute Beginner Stuff for taking pictures on Film

This Is The Absolute Beginner Stuff For Taking Pictures On Film

Back in my youth, about 30 years ago, we had a development room in our school where we could develop black and white pictures. This was a great chance and we really enjoyed the time to stay in school even after the normal lessons were finshed. We took our cameras and shot the hell of a lot pictures from everything that was around. We simply developed the pictures in school and hang them on the line. Money was no problem, everything was very cheap and the school already had a lot of stuff we could use.

That were the great days at school I remember the most. Not only that the guy who teamed up with me is still the best friend of mine.

For anybody who wants to start with this stuff now, there is a good article from Aaron Gold on Petapixel which I would like to set a link to:

What do you think?

Written by Jens Schwoon

really addicted to cameras and old school stuff


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