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The future of the digital camera. Where’s the trip going?

Canon AE-1

Let’s take a close look at the history of the modern digital camera. Where do the cameras come from and what has changed?
The current digital cameras in the middle and upper segments are actually nothing more than an adaptation of the classic cameras from the 80s. In the period when the Nikon EM and the Canon AE-1 were moving through the hands of the users, there were already cameras with a wide variety of operating mechanisms. Each manufacturer has somehow cooked his own candy and yet there is a certain standard that connects all the models at that time. Anyone who could operate a camera at that time was familiar with most cameras.
After most camera manufacturers have gone an absolute detour during the transition to the digital version of their cameras, they have now regretted themselves.

Classic controls such as rotary wheels, manual ISO settings and as many manual setting options as possible are used again. Impressive for me is the enthusiasm of the young people for these classic controls and the feel. Someone still says that the offspring would not be excited with classic elements.

My favourite camera with a very strong classic cover is the Fuji-XH1. For me there is currently no better camera in the segment up to 700 Euro in the used condition. More on the camera is coming in the future.

What do you think?

Written by Jens Schwoon

really addicted to cameras and old school stuff

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