The DJI “Ban” Breakdown – What to Expect

The Dji Ban Breakdown What To Expect

The DJI “Ban” isn’t as restrictive as some make it out to be. Today, we discuss what this means for the future of the drone industry and why you shouldn’t panic.


A really good DroneDJ article:
A really bad Verge article:

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Written by Billy Kyle


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  1. For those who aren’t fully caught up to date: DJI has been placed on the United States entity list which requires them to obtain special permission to work directly with American companies. Some are calling this a “ban” and are spreading misinformation. In this video, we cover everything that you need to know.

  2. DJI supports and provides their technology to suppress minorities in China and also concentration camps, that alone is a HUGE reason to ban DJI. Many youtubers got butthurted because of the ban only because they wanna keep their sponsors, pretty disgusting!

  3. Human rights are a political thing, to you? You want to ignore basic human rights discussion and just talk about those things that you use that fund the evil empire which is the root cause of the majority of human suffering, today? Great. Now, if only the Uighurs had such choices in life.

  4. Hey Billy. Buddy we are having a Droners new year celebration 2021 on our live show on January 1st @ 8pm. Central. We are having a bunch of Droners in the Drone community join in on our show to celebrate New Years . It’s a open live stream to everyone. Your invited and would love to have ya . I invited Ron brown , Mikey Phillydronelife, Marcus Idaho Quadcopters, johnniedroneflyer, Ken Dino, and more whom ever wants to join us you are all invited. So wear your Party hat. Lol. Just let me know brother, again merry Christmas

  5. The DJI sanction is purely politics. Trump is trying to tie the hands of Biden before he leaves. Got nothing to do with human rights. It is all about making sure that China don't become a technological leader in drone technology.

  6. The reason they ban it it beacsue DJI didn't want to modify the software to life log eveyflight, yours and my. US Gov wants evey drone to be connected to 5G while you fly, so no offline flight would be possible. DJI was resisting, now it will cave. cell infrastructe will be ready soon. Now you can fly that drone in to whatever you want, but soon you will not take off without permission.

  7. Drones will be banned because they can be used against the gov. by looking around we all know something is cooking, they have to come up with legitimate excuse, so there you go: Link to CCP or Mavic mini is spying on us, or asymptomatic Mavic 2 can infect our power grid, or another totally radicals BS that everyone will buy because people are dumb. With current lock-downs and china closed they will make it look there is no stock etc…

  8. America really needs to step up.
    The most innovative tech in the past 5 years are coming from China.
    The Great USA is gonna be number 2 country in the world in terms of GDP within the next 12 months.
    Maybe instead of banning Chinese companies, why not leapfrog over them?


The Dji Ban Breakdown What To Expect

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The Dji Ban Breakdown What To Expect

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