Teradek and Amimon get Oscars: Two Academy Scientific and Engineering Awards

Teradek And Amimon Get Oscars Two Academy Scientific And Engineering Awards

Creative Solutions, a division of The Vitec Group plc, recently announced that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization behind the Oscars, will officially bestow Teradek and Amimon with two awards during a virtual Scientific and Technical Awards presentation on February 13, 2021, live on the Oscars’ website.

One of the most outstanding awards you can probably get in the film industry is an Oscar. May it is for your feature film as a director, your role as an actor, or as a DOP/Grip/Post-Production technician, it’s a nice reward to thank someone for all the hard work and sleepless nights. There are even categories and awards for technical achievements, and Amimon and Teradek will receive two of them!

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Image credit: Teradek

Amimon and Teradek get Oscars

Along with Wordfit System, Sanken Microphones, and iZotope plugins, the teams at Amimon and Teradek – two companies part of The Vitec Group – will both receive scientific and engineering awards during the next virtual Oscars’ ceremony for their work on the Amimon wireless chipset and the Teradek Bolt wireless systems.

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The Amimon’s team. Image credit: Film and Digital Times

Amimon’s Oscar will reward the work of Dr. Zvi Reznic, Professor Meir Feder, Guy Dorman, and Ron Yogev for the development of the Amimon wireless chipset, which enables untethered, high-quality on-set, encrypted digital video monitoring with sub-frame latency. The Vitec Group acquired Amimon in 2018, and some of their chipsets and solutions are now integrated onto Teradek products.

Teradek will also receive an Oscar to Nicolaas Verheem, Greg Smokler, and Ilya Issenin for developing the ruggedized Teradek Bolt wireless video transmission system for on-set remote monitoring. Teradek solutions are close to being an industry standard on film sets – and it’s close to becoming an antonomasia – so it’s well deserved!

According to Nicolaas Verheem, founder and CEO of Teradek:

We are honored to receive a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for our development of Teradek’s Bolt. The Bolt was forged over almost a decade of hard work, with a relentless focus on the customer, leading to our solution slowly pulling ahead of the alternatives and having a meaningful and lasting impact in the industry.

But it must be said that we stood on the shoulders of giants, not only those of our colleagues in California and Israel but also the many groundbreaking scientists over the last two centuries that made the magic of wireless video become a reality.

Our success in the market clearly illustrates Teradek’s relentless pursuit of serving visual storytellers, and Amimon’s underlying technical achievement enabling high-quality wireless video, so reliable, so well integrated into the workflow, that the device itself seems to disappear, becoming as commonplace and as easy to use as a cable. We are proud that Bolt, using Amimon technology, has changed the industry for the better.

Nicolaas Verheem – Teradek

It seems that The Vitec Group’s strategy is a clear win with a deep integration and collaboration between the two companies.

If you want to follow the event in live, please head to Oscar’s website on February 13th at 1 pm PT.

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What do you think about this technical Oscar? Do you often use Teradek wireless video solutions? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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Teradek And Amimon Get Oscars Two Academy Scientific And Engineering Awards

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