Tech News Live DJI In Court, FPV Drone 03/02/21 & Nvidia 3060 Vapor Edition- 007

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Weekly Q&A and Discussion live stream covering DJI FPV Drone Launch this week, DJI In court over the FPV Controller and the Nvidia RTX 3060 Vapor Edition and more from the drone and electronics industry.

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  1. Love your channel. No Bull Shit! Hype…just the facts/truth. Looking forward to your observation on the DJI/FPV. Personally, I plan to wait out and…as I always do…let all the other 'have to get this shit' break-it-in before I spring for it. Keep up the good work.

  2. 2nd point to remind you about the dji remote or fly stick and its discussion:

    I mentioned a stick from a former astronaut for Mavic 2 and its similarity but could not remember its name, but the price back then which had been 250$ during introduction. it is similiar and different cause it is a joystick , but on a platform you hold, not a gyro or motion based controller so not really comparable I guess

    And I found the name: FT Aviator by Dr. Scott Parazynski
    He had been 5 times in shuttle missions and for me it looked promising but I did not buy one back in 2018 when I got aware of it cause I even had not ordered my Mavic 2 …

    Here is a blog from Fluidity, the brand and manufacturer of aviator and its show cases which are covering 2018 to 2020

    Still an interesting device somehow but not the final solution considering that the tablet is somehow missing …
    Maybe they might evolve it for a version 2 or sell the IP behind the product but that might not be that fancy as a motion stick …

    The most important part of the Aviator was the fact it enabled handicaped persons to fly at least those with one hand under full control … might also be a product for planes and other remote driven things like subs, zeppelins or boats and for example all that have to fight Parkinson and have one hand with more grip or feeling cause I can remember one pilot that suffered a lot from flying planes and was no longer able to use an open tx radio where he had mad his own "pult" that helped him a lot for 3 or 4 years. But he has somehow disappeared since then cause the channel had vanished in my subscription feed. But I remember that guy early 60s, no drone flyer, but a vivid plane builder that moved over to more flying when he realized he could no longer build those models. My memories ended when he said that he was no longer sure being capable to fly a plane with his RC in the pult cause he had lost the control of the stick in 1 hand from time to time and that he would loose control midflight without any warning to prepare himself or ask for help. But I could not get him back then at that point cause he was the number 1 candidate for such a remote.

  3. Hi Ian ,
    I hope everything is well – at least today we got the nice welsh weather you had the days before cause Sun is back.

    I have a topic that you might be able to present in a live show or share from chair of wisdom.

    It is about the DJI empire and its tiny markets considering you might imagine they are selling those around the globe.

    But that is not the truth as it seems: only 4 countries on the entire american continent from Argentinia to Alaska
    a handfull in whole asia among them at least hong kong + New Zealand and Australia but I guess a lot missing cause I can not read a few that are allowed to ship to …

    I came across that idea or question while watching Captain drones latest video for a contest or questionaire and where he limited the participants to countries that DJI can ship to … and where he then presented the countries by continent:

    I guess whole europe , 4 countries in america, none in africa I guess, 1 in middle east and a few in Asia …

    And if that is really true the whole market must be a lot smaller than we assume I guess cause the majority would not believe that in southern america dji does not sell or ship their drones or at least in this particular case "FPV drones" cause you can win a DJI FPV drone he will order and from the pariticipants domestic dji sales site.

    So I could be wrong that dji does not sell in more countries and that it is only limited for FPV drones cause that is a somehow different story in many countries like even europe where you can fly drones in line of sight or FPV only with a spotter. Might be that this is part of the answer and that MINI 2 are available in any country but it made me think twice why so few countries

    Here is the point in the video about the country limit and I guess you will instantly agree or at least assume that his might be the FPV drone specific list of country dji sells to.

    Strange story or assumption somehow but somehow a typical content you dive into – at least my guess. I did not make any research to that topic, I simply listened to the video and thought twice. If it is true FPV might become a thing for the elite countries cause most countries seems to forbidd those to be sold or at least do not allow DJI to sell those "directly".

    I hope your lambo loft has a new proud owner, another point you might find some words cause would make all of us old (er) dads proud to hear about a success for our daugthers. I had build my first lambo loft back in late 99 over 1 year … and since then had added one more or two but that was by far the biggest …

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