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Suas News Website Update Suas News

This is the point where I pretend Patrick and I have been planning a rebranding exercise and consulted industry pundits for the best look and feel for sUAS News.

Something to be modern and punchy and move us quickly into our 13th year of operation.

Or… I could say that for the last three weekends I have been trying to get the speed up, kept breaking things and really just need to start again.

So apologies if things stop working this week, lets all just blame Bruce, its for the best.

All the hair, beauty, fashion and travel tips that ran through Twitter when I changed template were in fact written by Bruce.

This is only the third look change since we started in 2008! Adverse to chance, me, surely not.

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Written by Gary Mortimer


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Suas News Website Update Suas News

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Suas News Website Update Suas News

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