SONY DRONE is Coming 2021 | DJI, Watch Out!

Sony Drone Is Coming 2021 Dji Watch Out

Sony Airpeak Drone Project is announced on 9 Nov 2020. It looks like a consumer level drone is coming from Sony. Isn’t that exciting? Will their offering be a serious contender to DJI?

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  1. Hello my Dear let me tell you that Dji do not bring you any Exciting drones anymore If they do bring a drone out It's very small Which means you cannot see it When it's high In the are sky So as far as I'm concerned DJ finished As far as Serious drone makers are concerned The only decent drone they've got out Is the inspire 2 So any other company that makes a larger drones that would be a godsend to me

  2. …this is very interesting news!! A good friend just upgraded to a mavic air 2 and I am getting into the market to replace my phantom 3 standard…yeah…old tech…so this Sony news might be what I am after…I will be watching your updates on this

  3. Sony will have to launch more than one drone at different price ranges if they want to take on dji. It would be good to see a drone similar in shape to mini 2 but with a detachable action camera just like the old days, if the drone is awesome then just upgrade the camera only and save some money or buy the best camera


Sony Drone Is Coming 2021 Dji Watch Out

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Sony Drone Is Coming 2021 Dji Watch Out

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