Somebody at DJI is getting fired (FPV News with JB and ItsBlunty)

Somebody At Dji Is Getting Fired Fpv News With Jb And Itsblunty

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— In this episode —

0:00 – Intro music
2:55 – Show begins

7:34 – DJI Goggles V2 announced…. then retracted?
* JB’s YT video –

16:05 – Lynchpin drone challenge completed!
* Video of the drone flying –
* Github pull request for the 6dof function –

22:49 – The lightest tiny whoop yet! 14 grams!

26:42 – Draftkings opens betting on DRL races

33:06 – Control a quadcopter by moving your hand! MotionPilot motion controller for FPV.

38:31 – Sony shows their new AirPeak cinema drone at CES. DJI competitor?

41:11 – Gemfan Moonlight LED props

46:40 – Easy way to know if your ESC is dead or not. Use light bulbs?

49:55 – Community Spotlight: Last known position Lua Script

52:00 – GoPro removes Protune from their app. Bad move GoPro.
* BLE remote:


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Written by Joshua Bardwell


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  1. I know you called GoPro out on their miserable choice, but would it be wrong to make a video just on this issue urging all fpv'ers to go bombard them with negative reviews & basically hate mail to GoPro? I don't understand how the play store shows them as a 4.6 in reviews but when you read thru the past 6 months it's a train wreck

  2. So on the v2 goggles, since 2x antenna are 2.4g wouldn't the performance be worse than v1 when paired with the v1 air unit and vista? I mean 4x antenna vs 2x antenna…or am I missing something. I'm thinking the v2 would be a downgrade in range and performance if using old dji tx units?

  3. Agree with user 't om' in chat, about how the obvious application for the OmniCopter is to strap a gun on it. ie. it can aim anywhere, keep its centre of gravity in the actual centre to mitigate recoil, etc.

  4. i was thinking they might be able to use a tiny coil instead of a battery and harvest energy from the massive mag fields in the spinning motor. it would be complicated im sure.

  5. What the hobby really needs is cheaper digital video by somebody other than DJI. I'm personally not going there until it gets much cheaper.

  6. Hey DJI childishy.
    5 months out of stock. Looks lime drug dealers viciating childs on the school.
    Come on. Its not hobby. Its bussines.
    Dumb asses.
    Fat shark , come on!!

  7. Forget sacking DJI folk, who and how many are going to get booted from GoPro for dropping Protune in the App??? This doesn't just affect FPV, every Film Maker, Cinematographer, News Cammo, is impacted by this. Thankfully the FPV market is big enough to swing a bigger clue-hammer to the app developers then us Cinematographers.
    What's needed, is a Lite app, that ONLY does Camera Control and Preview,.. none of the other junk, and certainly not the encrypted hidden footage downloads. Footage downloaded to phones needs to go in the Video folder, not a folder inside the apps system folders.

  8. I don't understand for DJI V2 Googles … do you have really the V2 that you show in your last presentation video ?? Who gave it to you ? Or it's just a V1 … Strange thing is that nobody put a DVR record for this V2 even turn it on ? Very disapointed…

  9. DJI will be like Fatshark….will send out a similar goggle with a few minor changes, but at a higher price and people will rush to buy it and be disappointed because it is not what they expected….that seems to be what these companies do

  10. My theory about the DJI V2's is that DJI released it and looked out for the reactions of the people. After they recognized that so many people are disappointed about the new googles, they withdrawn them…

  11. Mavic pro mavic pro 2 and others operate on 2.4 and 5.8 you can select which one. Given the trend of there other drones with this feature my bets are the new coming quad from dji also has this system hence dual band on v2. The v2’s new functionality isn’t really for us in fpv per say its for there new quad it will have similar frequency settings as all there others. Duh!!!

  12. I love those useless graphs in the LED props video. They apparently have a performance between "Warpspeed 2" and "P3" whichish higher than Mach1 or 2. Also, their durability is 73 whatever that means. And an efficiency of 76 something. And there's an "Epic Meter" measuring the epicness of the flight?

  13. Thank you so much for doing this show. I feel like it really brings me up to speed on new stuff without having to search for it in a thousand different places. Btw, I really like that you don't just show new products, but interesting stuff like the light bulb ESC test as well.

  14. Make sure you go and leave a negative review for the GoPro app! Then remind them that you’re now going to buy an SMO 4K because GoPro doesn’t have a new Session or their own naked GoPro!

  15. I checked out the gopro remotes cheap 2nd hand but in the app when you go to connect it it says you will loose camera feed to the app I assume this cant be permanent loss? Only when using the remote I guess but that would still mean no live feed while adjusting settings. Poor! Why cant gopro see that the fpv community are added custom and superb advertisements with all our amazing footage we achieve with their cameras!?! Maybe they need to catch the f up and make a lite version themselves the same as their ever growing competitor or risk getting dropped by the fpv world aswell as all the other customers they are already loosing to insta360

  16. I think when DJI used a V2 for a product, it was revision. Eg. there was an Inspire 1 V2, with some improvements on the first Inspire 1, but the Inspire 2 was the new product.

  17. Bardwell what would u say i ordered my goggles v1 and after couple days they went out of stock been waiting over a month for them from dji still didnt received it. And after a month they say we refund your order and u can look for your local stores who has v1 and no one have it what would be your opinion on that? I asked them for v2 and they told me that they cant do it.

  18. Love that light weight whoop! Totally just reviewed the gopro app badly idiotts! Aee they stupid! Arnt they loosing enough customers to insta360???

  19. Gemfan props – I've said this before but a white led could instead in put in the motor and then use the props themselves as light pipes. That why you can control the lights by a switch on your remote and can change colour by simply changing the colour of the props (or of the led). Brighter led, no battery life problems, no prop balance problems, all prop blades light up, cheaper props

  20. Control a quadcopter by moving your hand, how to center? I think just like with the WII, hold it in your preferred position and then press a 'center-button'?

  21. Every time you list long range controllers you never say dragon link. Just curious is there a reason why? Like have you not heard of them or are they not as good as crossfire? They use like 460 mhz so maybe there's not enough bandwitch for quads but there really common in long range planes.
    Edit: nvm I forgot you met with the guy who uses it (rctestflight)

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Somebody At Dji Is Getting Fired Fpv News With Jb And Itsblunty

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Somebody At Dji Is Getting Fired Fpv News With Jb And Itsblunty

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