SmallHD 4K Production Monitors – New Pomfort Livegrade Plugin

Smallhd 4k Production Monitors New Pomfort Livegrade Plugin

SmallHD recently announced that a new feature has been added to SmallHD 4K Production Monitors that eliminates LUT boxes for DITs on set: a Pomfort Livegrade plugin. You’ll now be able to connect your SmallHD monitor via an ethernet cable to your computer. This plugin allows you to do your color-corrections and adjust your image on-screen in real-time. Let’s take a closer look at it!

SmallHD 4K Production Monitors consist of the Cine, Vision, and OLED monitors announced in September 2019. However, these high-end on-set monitors only started shipping nearly a year later.

There are no doubts that these nearly rental-only products – starting at $5.999 – are awesome, but SmallHD just pushed their possibilities even further with the release of a new Pomfort Livegrade plugin.

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SmallHD 4K Production Monitors – Pomfort Livegrade plugin

With the release of the Pomfort Livegrade plugin for SmallHD 4K Production Monitors, all you have to do now is connect your monitor to a computer running Pomfort Livegrade via an Ethernet cable. Then, adjust a few settings, and voila, your computer can now modify and grade the image being displayed on your Production Monitor.

This new feature will be extremely useful for DITs and colorists. Indeed, before that, you had to play with LUT boxes between the DIT cart and the video village so everyone on set could have an idea of what the final image would look like.

Also, this was time-consuming because DITs always had to export/load a new LUT when things changed drastically. With this Pomfort Livegrade plugin for 4K Production Monitors, they’ll be able to do every change in real-time, saving them a lot of time.

Price and availability

This Pomfort Livegrade plugin is available now for every SmallHD 4K Production Monitors, including the Cine 24″ that retails for $5.999, the Vision 17″ that is $9.999, the OLED 22″ that is $11.999, and the incredible Vision 24″ that will set you back $14.999.

For more information and to learn more about this plugin, please visit SmallHD’s website here.

What do you think of this new feature? Do you often have a DIT with you on set? Did you ever use a SmallHD 4K Production Monitor? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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Smallhd 4k Production Monitors New Pomfort Livegrade Plugin

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Smallhd 4k Production Monitors New Pomfort Livegrade Plugin

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