Skydio Whitepaper: AI for Inspection

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The commercial drone industry knows that drones can be a critical tool for inspections, performing dark, dirty and dangerous jobs and providing enteprise customers with precise digital inspection data –  but in many industries, drones haven’t yet uprooted traditional methods of inspection. A new Skydio whitepaper uses interviews with more than 100 organizations to explain why, and to explore what it will take to make drones the tool of choice for inspections.

“Drones have become a hallmark of the world’s most effective inspection programs,” says the description. “Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) allow teams to quickly collect, process, and disseminate inspection data throughout their organizations efficiently. Drone-captured inspection data helps asset owners and managers more rapidly assess status to make informed maintenance decisions.”

This Skydio white paper, AI for Inspection: Precise and cost-effective aerial capture using autonomous drones,  explains why autonomous drone solutions are best-suited for commercial inspection of diverse assets.

If you’re a service provider performing inspections, an enterprise representative responsible for expanding a drone program, or just curious about the difference that autonomy makes for commercial drone platforms, you’ll want to check out AI for Inspection: Precise and cost-effective aerial capture using autonomous drones.

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