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Boston Dynamics robot news, Elon Musk’s starship, DJI’s new headset drone and other breaking high-tech news in one issue!
In this issue: Boston Dynamics robot dog demonstrated the capabilities of robotic arm out of the box, scared passersby in New York and caused a scandal, a new drone DJI with a headset will allow to fly in first person, Elon Musk’s spaceship passed new tests, to the results of which the SpaceX team was not ready. Also in this issue: new robots for home and not only, drones and drones, all this and more only at us. Subscribe to stay updated on all the news in the world of technology!

0:00 Intro
0:16 Robot Spot “out of the box”
0:43 Boston Dynamics robot in real life
1:10 Art Pranksters and Spot the robot dog
1:52 Toyota home robots
2:03 Cheap and reliable robot dog
2:21 A new robot to explore Mars
2:40 DJI unveils FPV system for first-person view flying
4:15 Elon Musk and SpaceX’s Starship
4:43 A quadcopter for construction workers
5:15 Humanoid Blind Robot
5:40 Space Hotel
6:00 Children’s and adult exoskeletons Aesoathlete

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  1. Oh Oh my good yesus kristus roh kudus amen I love you full time feedback on com good luck thank you verry muck Miss Hanumiam & Miss Katrina Kaif???????????????????????✉✉???????????????????✉✉✉???????✉????????????????????????⛱??????????????????????????????????????⛪????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????⛟⛟⛟⛟???⛽⛽⚓⚓???????????????????????⛼⛼?????????⛺⛺⛲⛲??????????????????????????????????????????????✈✈??⛴⛴???⛵???????????????⚰????????????????????????????????????????????????☎☏???????⌨????????????☎???????????????????????????????☎☎??☎???????????????????????????✉✉?????????????✒✒✏????????✉???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✉??????????????????????????????✉✉✉????????????????????????????????????????✉??????????????????✒✏????????????????????????????????????

  2. It's not that this "IS" the first low orbit hotel, it's that this "would be" the first low orbit hotel. The narration in this video IS horrible. It's almost like English is not this guy's native tongue. Mistake after mistake. Thumbs down!

  3. Of course these robots were meant first for killing humans. Watch the movie "Monsters of Man" and see where the future is going for robotics.

  4. cops replaced by robots.

    Probably an improvement overall.

    Of course it will be the same bunch of self righteous rich goons that decide who the robots shoot.

    But at least it won't be a fat white guy with a hard on and a blue suit anymore.

  5. Boston Robotics: "No. Please stop. We never even imagined putting a gun on our robot." (Furiously taking notes and enhancing the footage for international arms dealers.)

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