Learn How to Edit A Movie Trailer in a Free 3-Part Mini-Course

Learn How To Edit A Movie Trailer In A Free 3 Part Mini Course

One of the keys to cutting great trailers is telling a story with style. Style, in fact, is arguably even more important than the story itself. If you show someone a trailer that has great editorial style but a cliché or weak story, they’ll still probably think the movie looks pretty good. Learning the craft of movie trailer editing is a whole different aspect of the creative process, though.

Fortunately, Film Editing Pro’s team has put together an insightful online training course while openly sharing a plethora of creative techniques of the film, TV, and trailer industries with any student eager to learn. The Art of Trailer Editing is tailored towards editors, filmmakers, content creators, marketers, and basically anyone who needs to create teasers, trailers, promos, or other short-form materials.

You can sign up to get 3 free lessons (45 minutes of videos) and/or click through to join the full 40+ lesson training program that comes with downloadable practice footage, music, and sound effects.

The full training course includes:

  • 40+ HD trailer editing video lessons
  • The Guided Trailer Editing Workshop
  • 1080p downloadable practice footage with audio splits
  • A 950+ piece trailer editing music & sound library
  • A custom graphics and script pack

And, if you choose the PRO version, you’ll also get:

  • 100+ minutes of behind-the-scenes editor video interviews
  • An additional 1200-piece Pro Trailer Sound Design Pack
  • 4 more trailer deconstruction videos (for all genres)
  • The Pro Graphic & Script Pack (3 extra graphic looks)

Image Credit: Film Editing Pro

It takes a lot of editorial finesse to create something that tells a compelling story, feels rhythmically satisfying, and highlights the best moments all in 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less.

So, if you want to learn the ins and outs of this craft master movie trailer editing, don’t miss the chance to enroll in the next three days. Meanwhile, here’s what students have to say about the program itself.

Trailer editing is a lot more than just picking the best parts of the film and stringing them together. A lot of work goes into connecting these seemingly unrelated moments together logically and visually to tease your audience in a way that makes them eager to immerse themselves into the story.

Enrollment for The Art of Trailer Editing closes March 10th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. If you’re interested in checking out the free lessons or the full course, simply use the following link.

[source: Film Editing Pro]

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Learn How To Edit A Movie Trailer In A Free 3 Part Mini Course

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Learn How To Edit A Movie Trailer In A Free 3 Part Mini Course

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