Joby Aviation agrees on eVTOL certification class with the FAA

Joby Aviation Agrees On Evtol Certification Class With The Faa

eVTOL market leader Joby Aviation has announced its first revenue in a partnership with the US Air Force’s Agility Prime program, as well as the path it’s agreed on with the FAA for certifying its revolutionary tilt-rotor electric air taxi.

The US military doesn’t just see electric VTOLs as a warfighting and logistics opportunity. The Agility Prime team makes the argument that American financial success in what’s projected to be an enormous eVTOL air taxi market is itself a matter of national security.

Aviation. Joby was one of the earliest companies on the eVTOL bandwagon, and appears at this stage to be leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else in the industry. Not only does it have massive financial and mass production resources at its beck and call thanks to a huge investment from Toyota, it also has a highly advanced six-rotor transitioning aircraft prototyped at full scale and more than 1,000 test flights completed. Indeed, Joby’s machine is the first eVTOL ever to be awarded an airworthiness approval by the US Air Force.

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Joby’s deal with Agility Prime will bring in the first revenue in Joby Aviation’s history, and give the company access to “key research facilities and equipment, as well as an opportunity to prove out the maturity and reliability of its aircraft years in advance of entering commercial service.”

In return, Joby gives the US Government “valuable data and insight into the operation and performance of eVTOL aircraft,” with the goal of helping the Agility Prime team identify “opportunities for early adoption” and build its understanding of how the eVTOL market will develop and expand, commercially and technologically.

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Joby Aviation Agrees On Evtol Certification Class With The Faa

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Joby Aviation Agrees On Evtol Certification Class With The Faa

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