Is DJI Done in America?

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What’s up Dronrs? I had some people asking me about my thoughts about the recent news that DJI has been added to the Commerce Department’s Entity List in the USA, which names the company as national security concern and will prevent US companies from providing DJI with parts and components.

Does the ban go farther than this? Will we still be able to use DJI drones? I’m giving a breakdown of the story and my thoughts on it today.

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What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for the information, on your next video can you talk about how the final FAA rules released on 12-28-2020 will effect recreational drones and if DJI Mavic pro 2 meets the new regulations or can be retrofitted to comply with the rules. Also what if any information you have about this online course for recreational drone pilot's will have to take.

  2. Your points are flawed. This is political move to clearly slow/stop china's leading tech companies becoming bigger. For dji they can't say security reason because dji have process in place for security and even have government editions and so they sight unsubstantiated other reasons. Dji is business and who/what sellers do is not in their control.

  3. I don't even have my new drone unboxed, and now I'm seeing this. Heavy sigh.

    What's a dronie to do? Not sure. To me this is kind of like clean energy. I want to see the world switch to cleaner power supplies, but I still need diesel fuel today to move my bus around. On the other hand, I run my computers of solar power, so that's a bit of progress.

    Maybe the same thing here. Keep flying, but stay aware of the problems, like China, and work toward getting them fixed.

  4. If there wasn't substantiated evidence of something going on with them there wouldn't be a sweeping ban across government use. Nobody else can compete… I too wouldn't say it's just Trump. Lol, if it was people would be going nuts on him for it.

    I fly 100% offline and use Litchi exclusively. Even though I'm only shooting real estate and construction I still don't want that data getting out. China is buying up property all over the world right now. My little conspiracy theory is China is looking at commercial real estate to get first dibs on properties that are about to hit the market. You could go one step further and add in what's going on with CVD-19, makes it even easier to buy up businesses/property. I'm not talking strip malls and gas stations.. I shoot multi-10k acre cattle ranches, hunting operations and urban economic development properties. $10mill-$84.5mill were the larger properties shot over this year. Close to all of those have been turn-key, ready to rock businesses. You can see where I'm going with this… Sure it would suck if we had to ground them but I'd prefer security over Chinese shenanigans. For the record I do love my M2P an P4A but at the end of the day love my country a whole lot more.

    As soon as an American company can compete I will gladly give them my credit card

  5. Excellent discussion. I like the way you presented this calmly but raising very controversial points. There is no doubt there is collusion between Chinese major corporations and the Chinese government. Don't you think the same is true in United States?

    Name me a major American DSLR camera manufacturer. So why is there no "major" American drone manufacturer? Just minor players. Is this a secret tariff war?

    And to make matters more complicated, the new drone ID system being formulated here in the United States will be just as intrusive — and punitive.

    The simple fact is, play by the rules and private drone piloting is severely threatened. That is the bigger picture. VLOS, municipalities, park systems with their own flight and "trespassing" restrictions. Who is going to win in the end? Amazon and UPS.

    Finally, any government can now use Google Earth to pinpoint any area of concern they want. Only a tiny tiny fraction of secret sites are "redacted."

  6. As far as i honestly hate Donald TRUMP, i have to say i'm really impressed how awake he is when it's come to China more specifically its evil government CCP.
    CCP is a real threat to the free world, the fact that they even managed to get a council seat in the UN tells you how bad the situation is. CCP is pure evil, a real danger for technologies, global warming and more importantly Freedoms…
    Happy midweek guys and take care during the human malware pandemic outbreak <3

  7. This is great news for Sony. Think in your mind of all the companies you know on planet Earth. If there is ONE company that is perfectly suited to be an almost PERFECT enemy to DJI… its Sony. Sony has a huge and VERY sophisticated semi-conductor division and a world class imaging division as well. If Sony takes their new "AirPeak" project very seriously and puts the real weight of the company behind it?….wow…absolute perfect enemy to DJI. Oh…..Japan is a close friend of the US. I think this will be important too.

  8. After my first DJI flew away, and DJI admitted it was a software "error", which they did replace the lost drone. I have switched to Autel, just feel more freedom in flying the Autel and feel more confident in flying the Autel vs DJI. Not to say something could not happen to the Autel drone but it seems better for what work I do.

  9. Hey, I have many of DJI drones…
    I am not living in the US, so no immediate impact for me
    Some comments on your video:
    That the US government is not a drone manufactured outside the US sounds logic to me
    China is a communist country, so yes the government has a hand in all companies, and if the government asks for something they have anyway no choice…
    Huawei is one of the biggest mobile phone producers and mobile network supplier in the world, and still is even with the US ban. The only thing the US achieved is to delay 5G in the world.
    Putting DJI on the black list will not make a hudge pressure to CN,. Ok it is good for headlines…
    Banning or black listing other goods would create much more pressure, but this is not likely to happen as it is needed in the US.


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