How to Fix Flicker Easy in Resolve 17

How To Fix Flicker Easy In Resolve 17

Flicker can easily ruin a take and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it while you are shooting. If you want to shoot some slow motion and some practical lighting in the background isn’t optimized for video production, or it’s a timelapse with auto exposure to compensate for a sunset, or maybe you were given footage someone shot on a GoPro or phone and need to make it work. There are fortunately ways to fix this in post.

One quick guide was put together by MiesnerMedia on how to do this a few ways using DaVinci Resolve 17. Having a few options mean you can mix and match to get the best results for your shot.

The example footage is something a lot of people might see, string lights in the background. Unsurprisingly they have very strong flicker with the small, cheap LEDs in them. 

Starting with the simplest method is always the best. Resolve has a decent set of built-in tools as part of the Open FX. Just head over there, find the deflicker tool and bring it over to your clip. It defaults to Timelapse, so unless it is a timelapse you’ll want to adjust this. There’s an option for fluorescent lights and to access the advanced controls. 

If one of the defaults works then there you go. Otherwise using the advanced effects allows you to change up options to optimize the results. Adjusting how many frames are analyzed helps, especially if you have a higher frequency flicker.

The next method brings us to the Motion Effects area. It actually uses the Temporal NR features. Bump up the type to Better and then just bring all the sliders up. It actually does a decent job of fixing flicker. Still, sometimes you just can’t get it all the way fixed. If you can fix it during the actual shoot that is going to be the best plan every time.

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Those are a couple easy ways, though be warned that they can both be demanding on the computer since they have to do a lot of processing.

[source: MiesnerMedia]

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How To Fix Flicker Easy In Resolve 17

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How To Fix Flicker Easy In Resolve 17

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