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Gear Focus is excited to announce that we are launching our new LIVE photo and video workshop series. This Thursday (February 11) we will be hosting a FREE photography workshop. We are honored to have the talented Nic Stover as our first guest host. Every workshop provided by Gear Focus will be thoroughly researched, extensively examined, and beautifully produced.

THURSDAY – Feb 11, 2021, 06:00 PM
Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Missed the live workshop? No worries, check out the full 1 hour workshop video here

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Essential Elements of Composition & Image Design

Gear Focus is committed to providing content-rich, unique courses that provide participants with a world of knowledge designed to expand horizons, deepen understanding, and foster epiphanies. Firstly, this workshop will teach you how the most impactful and compelling images contain the proper balance of technique. Secondly, you will learn about vision and processing.  Skills such as these need to be developed and continually. However, you must continue to refine these skill through your own artistic and creative process. Therefore, this class will provide the tools you need to develop skills, Explore capabilities, as well as creating meaningful work.

Why you need this workshop

These tools will help you to evaluate what images you might want to select for your portfolio, as well as discovering more of what makes a compelling image. Participants will see a variety of simple ways to correct minor distractions in post-processing. Therefore, providing participants with greater confidence to express themselves in new ways. By honing these skills, you can sell your photos, therefore turn your passion into a career. Gear Focus workshop will give you confidence in your own ability to get out there and start taking more great photos, as well as building your portfolio. 

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Free Landscape Photography Workshop

Nic is based in San Luis Obispo and focuses on landscape photography workshops. Alongside educating creatives he has participated in selling custom and limited edition prints for businesses or homes. His landscape photography work has taken him all over the globe. From the backcountry of Greenland to the windswept mountains of Patagonia to the frigid extremes of Alaska Nic has been able to build his portfolio. His work encompasses aerial photography, desert, ocean, night, and mountain photography. Nic Stover photography exists to engage people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. People who have desires for a journey into the natural environment are welcome. Especially, the impacts we (as humans) have on this changing world.

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