FilmConvert Profile for Sony a7R IV and a7S III S-Cinetone Released

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FilmConvert has just released a new camera profile for the Sony a7R IV. Also, the team added the S-Cinetone color profile for the Sony a7S III to further expand the plugin’s capabilities. Let’s take a closer look!

It looks like the FilmConvert team is on fire lately! Indeed, they recently released a new color profile for the iPhone 12 Pro, and they did an interesting test by comparing the iPhone to the ARRI Alexa Mini.

If you’re new to FilmConvert’s tools: they allow you to easily color-match cameras with CineMatch or replicate the look, including color and grain, of various film stocks with FilmConvert “original” and the more recent version called Nitrate.

All plugins are based on the camera sensors’ data profiled individually by the FilmConvert team. A lot of custom profiles are already available for the Panasonic S5, the SIGMA fp, the Canon EOS R5, and so on.

FilmConvert Profile for Sony a7R IV

First of all, the FilmConvert released a new custom profile for the Sony a7R IV. If you missed it, we released a hands-on video when the camera came out in 2019.

This new profile will be extremely beneficial for Sony shooters, who are using multiple Sony mirrorless and cinema cameras together. Indeed, with CineMatch you’ll be able to quickly and easily match all your cameras within minutes.

FilmConvert Profile Update for a7S III S-Cinetone

Next on the list is an update to the FilmConvert Sony a7S III profile that was released in November 2020. This profile update now includes the addition of S-Cinetone picture profile, that was added to the a7S III with the firmware update v2.00 in February.

In the video above you can clearly see the benefits of the S-Cinetone picture profile with great highlight roll-of and very natural colors. With the addition of the S-Cinetone picture profile to FilmConvert’s lineup of plugins you’ll be able to match it to other cameras as well as recreate film looks easily.

Price and Availability

FilmConvert camera packs are always for free, and so are these for the Sony a7R IV and a7S III. You can download both of these FilmConvert Camera Packs along with support for a wide selection of other cameras directly from FilmConvert’s website here.

Are you using the Sony a7R IV as your main camera or B camera? What do you think about the addition of S-Cinetone to the a7S III camera pack? Do you already use FilmConvert Pro, Nitrate, or CineMatch? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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