Dronr News July 2020: Parrot calls out DJI, Skydio 2 Updates, and More!

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News Story Sources:
Skydio 2 Updates

Acrobatic Autonomous Drones

Parrot Calls Out DJI With Anifa USA Announcement

Pollinating Bubble Drones

Droniso’s Record Setting Indoor Drone Flight

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  1. Skydio crashes the most during landing, when obstacle avoidance is off. Crashed once this way on a small shrub.

    Also, clipped small branch of a tree early in the Spring, when leaves were tiny.

    BasicallyI fly it as a regular drone, so obstacle avoidance is not much of a factor.

  2. So, hummm…. Skydio Group, transitions into GOV contracts, worth going after, considering DJI is out, and P.a.r.r.o.t. thinks they can swoop in and take everything uncontested.

  3. I agree with the calling of myself a professional a drone pilot that is good, is good.
    And really other then money part 107 or recreational the same to me. I fly and I consider myself a very good flyer but not going to call myself professional.

  4. You made reference about the trump administration putting a ban on Chinese made drones, i.e. DJI. This true at the federal level, however this does not effect local and state municipalities, like police, firefighters, EMT's or first responders. The only stipulation for these entities is that they can not use federal funds they receive to purchase Chinese made drones and/or parts & equipment.

  5. Don't take this as a knock, but why do you call yourself a professional drone pilot and not just a commercial pilot? 10's of 1k's of part 107 pilot's that work in the industry, but don't separate themselves as "Professional", I have yet to read or here any new status from the FAA destinating a difference between Commercial and Professional.

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