DroningON | DJI Mavic Pro 2 Is Coming – July 18th – News & Analysis

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We’ve been told via a source we trust that the DJI July 18th launch event WILL reveal the Mavic Pro 2 (, we’re still skeptical but have a listen to what we have to say! Bookmark

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  1. *JUST A REMINDER FOLKS: Nobody forced you to watch this video, I am simply sharing a piece of information from a contact that I trust and also giving my analysis and views regarding this invite. Please don't be rude, lets all be adults here and discuss without confrontations and accusations. Unlike other click-bait YouTube channels, I don't drive my views/subscribers by pushing false information, this is my first and possibly only video on the topic because I had information to share.

    If you're rude here, you'll be blocked from future comments and that would be a shame as I appreciate the interaction with my viewers, even if you don't agree with what I say, that's perfectly fine, but present it politely, not rudely.*

  2. I'm hoping for more collision sensors, quieter blades and better range. BTW I have much respect for OsitaLV and for someone who insists on no rude comments, it appears you are being a bit rude.

  3. A bit harsh to call OsitaLV a fake dude he had never said he knows exact information just shares theories and concepts of his own on future products of DJI. He just gets tired of people asking him if he works for Dji and people demanding launch dates

  4. I currently own the air and not to happy with the range or video feed lag along with it hoping to see a mavic pro 2 released with better gimble like the air and better flight time and range and a bigger sensor would be nice . Hears to a mavic 2 release fingers crossed.

  5. Assuming it will have a "better" camera than the current Mavic, I just hope it isn't price-prohibitive. I currently have the Mavic and a Phantom 4 Advanced. I would gladly sell both if the Mavic II is a reasonably close combination of the two drones AND the price for a Fly-More combo is sub-$1,500.00.

  6. I hope it's a new drone.. I purposely have no bought a new drone this year because I'm waiting for the Pro 2. If this isn't it I'm going to spend it on a new rod and reel lol.

  7. DECODED: I see an EYEBALL with the words around it in a very deliberate SQUARE (since “see” and “the” are very spread out). I googled average size of human eyeball and it says about 24mm which is about 1 Inch (.95 inches). So in my opinion, the words are the 1 inch sensor and the eyeball is the size reference. It also “confirms” it since the words say “see” so you know the context.

    The “river” is far too big in relation to the globe so it leads me to believe it is an eye and the river-looking thing is an eye vein.

  8. Please god .. no 360 camera. Or only as an extra you can buy in addition.
    The image quality is much worse with a 360 camera. I hope for the new sensor 1/1.7 from Sony with normal 4K 60FPS.
    360 is only a Gimmick. For normal filmmakers not to use…

  9. I hope you’re wrong I do not care I have a 360° camera Bruce/ some retarded looking Spacey looking picture everyone wants the 1 inch sensor on the Mavic too I just hope that’s what happens because it will be a big seller and it will crush all competition for a long time to come just my thoughts and since your back down the guy on Twitter I think he’s right half the time

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