DroneDJ: DJI will sell a revolutionary motion-based controller for its FPV drone

Dronedj Dji Will Sell A Revolutionary Motion Based Controller For Its Fpv Drone

DJI’s FPV drone is getting closer. We’ve already covered a *lot* of the expected features, but this one’s a blockbuster: The drone giant is producing a handheld, motion-based controller that will make for very intuitive flight. Check out our story here:

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  1. Hasnt skydio 2 already brought this tech to light not making it revolutionary perse.i guess possibly for the fpv world maybe but this could be nothing short of a follow me beacon that one uses instead of the remote. Skydio 2 and I'm not a fanboy but I can read the brochure, says with their obstacle avoidance being so good and they have so much faith in it that if it crashes they will replace it free of charge. I would presume since this tech is now emerging that dji will of course be matching it. I don't feel any revolutionary boundaries will be beat as that's just not dji style. However with autel emerging as well as skydio 2 going head to head with dji maybe this will be a different story of release. I know I'm excited about autel being made in usa however I've heard the software is a little rough around the edges. Let me know what everyone thinks. But I just can't see a remote like this working for an fpv drone unless of course it's too boost dji care refresh sales and not make much of a profit. Be alot of refurbs I'm guessing. Since my smart controller runs so flawlessly. Lol lose your display when you've gotta make three hairpin turns flicking your wrist. I also am curious to see how repairable this fpv is actually going to be in the field replacement arms and such in the field or I'm not interested. All and all I think there's more to be said about this fpv drone rather than this bleek theory from an fcc application. How about accessories for this drone as you know dji is gonna proprietary the shit out of this thing. Making it a nightmare to upgrade hopefully I'm wrong. And yes I fly is dji. Take care folks.

  2. What if this "product" is exactly like the MotionPilot Vector joystick (mentioned in the video), and works exactly like it? A controller like what is being described, with the availability to tune your drone via cellphone? (again, like the MotionPilot Vector) Without the hassle of Betaflight or other programs of the type. Wouldn't that be revolutionary, pretty damn cool, and very disruptive?


Dronedj Dji Will Sell A Revolutionary Motion Based Controller For Its Fpv Drone

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Dronedj Dji Will Sell A Revolutionary Motion Based Controller For Its Fpv Drone

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