Drone News – New DJI Mavic in Summer 2020, Coronavirus's Impact on Industry, Ban on Chinese Drones

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New DJI drone, the DJI Mavic in summer 2020, the impact of coronavirus on the drone industry, how drones are helping contain the pandemic, drones being used to kill pests in remote islands in New Zealand, drones for protecting surfers in Australia

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00:33 – How is the Corona virus affecting drone businesses across the United States?
02:28 – Is social distancing resulting in more drone business for some niche applications?
03:57 – Stuck at home due to Covid 19? Make the most of this downtime by learning from our online classes
05:08 – Drones being used to broadcast messages, making drone deliveries and spraying disinfectants to contain the Corona virus
07:49 – A United States executive order could possibly ban all drones with Chinese parts
13:00 – Public safety agencies in North Carolina loses a $27,000 DJI in the ocean due to lack of operational planning and poor flight preparedness
20:08 – New DJI Mavic in summer 2020?
23:29 – Drones for Good – How drones are being used to save surfers in Australia
27:13 – How some companies with vested interests are supporting remote ID
29:16 – Drones for Good – New Zealand uses drones to kill pests on offshore islands
31:28 – Two individuals dropping contraband’s inside a NJ prison using drones could be slapped with a 5-year prison term and $100,000 fine
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  1. A lot of public safety in my area don’t even have a clue w basic rc, I offered to help them out and got nothing but attitude due to I’m just a hobby flyer. The next week they had a gps failure and they lost it over a brush fire.

  2. Great show, keep up the good work! I especially like this collaboration with DroneDJ, as it's also one of my sources for daily drone news.

  3. Awesome get rid of those drones! Everything was fine until those drones and irresponsible people ruined the hobby for us AMA members!!! BAN THE DRONES…. the FAA will!!

  4. I assume Dji is looking to sell first time drone buyers because I have the M2 now, so why would I purchase the mavic your speaking of, also have a question for Paul, are we still able to hack M2 to install Atti mode ?

  5. Like you say all your phones and electronics have Chinese partsand do people realize every vehicle in the US has Chinese partsso they can't use Chinese parts in a drone that can't use Chinese person anyting else ban them as well I guess everybody will be walking no TVs no cell phone or electronics

  6. You guys are the freaking best!

    I’ll be wanting to join in on the search and rescue, mapping boot camp, and aerial photo.

    I just signed up for Vics, the computing equipment, adv 3D. Looking forward to more webinars!

  7. Great info…Thanks! In regards to the North Carolina Matrice 200 loss, we were all taught in military flying…PLAN THE FLIGHT, FLY THE PLAN! This always includes weather (winds) and Fuel. 3 things you never want to not run out of in Aviation: Altitude, Airspeed, and IDEAS! In drones, if you every fly offshore…check the winds please! Side note: Spring Breakers have been off the beaches in Clearwater area since Friday night. I filmed all the Pinellas Beaches this past Saturday (3/21/2020) and they were all clear and sparse of people finally. Not sure about Miami Date…not my Operating Area.

  8. You mean government employees are no different than the average citizen? Why support giving them more rights than the average citizen? You are free or you aren't.

  9. fly into the head wind and on return switch to atti mode so much faster got the mavic2 doing 70mph coming back so im able to push a little further using this method thanks to Paul for showing the hack that matrice pilot should have known better

  10. The reason (I’m assuming) they (Airmap) is talking like that is because of Tom Wheeler (Airmap board member) former FCC POS corporate puppet and telling them don’t listen to the little people if you (Airmap) deny deny and lie and lie people will eventually believe it as gospel/truth. That’s his mo, he’s always been a snake and a lier for ALL big tech companies he’s just playing the game. Hence the reason I NO longer have Airmap on any device nor do I promote them to any of my droners I do the opposite and say if you like flying drones like you do now get rid of Airmap cause they want remote id and DO NOT care about the community best interest. And another thing the longer people are silent on the matter the further we are from keeping our community intact. One day when you can’t fly your drone with your kid or just fly will be the day people will wake up and go “ what happened why can’t I fly how did it get this bad, how is only big tech companies can fly?” Will be to late because people are to damn lazy to actually fight for what they want or stand for what is right and support the right people (excluding Airmap)I guess the schooling system or something did it’s job cause there’s a small group of people who actually fight for those lazy people these days those lazy people just submit by silence and either attack the fighters by saying it’s not that bad and we can’t win ect that’s exactly how THEY win…

  11. Funny that they won’t allow “Chinese parts” in drones, but everyone is walking around with their IPhones and Samsung’s. Chinese parts in all. I suspect that they run”secure” radios used by the military also are not 100% Chinese “free”. It’s a drone smokescreen to get US market share.

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