Drone News – More Updates on the DJI Mavic Mini 2, DOD Releases List of Government-Approved Drones

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DJI Mavic Mini 2 Important Updates, DOD Releases List of Approved Drone Manufacturers in Their Blue sUAS Program, Drones for Environmental Conservation, Drones for Good

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00:29 – Agenda for today’s show
01:09 – DJI Mavic Mini 2 to come with a large 12 MP sensor
02:05 – Supply chain issues delay DJI’s much-awaited FPV drone
02:44 – What do you think about the National Defense Authorization Act which will end up banning Chinese drones?
03:35 – DOD lists drone manufacturers requirements in their Blue sUAS program
09:38 – Can Skydio overcome their production issues and cater to the government’s requirements?
13:13 – A monster drone with a 57-pound payload to be used to reforest states like California and New Mexico
16:09 – Drone monitoring courtesy the Shark Mitigation Progam saves Australian surfer, Matt Wilkinson
18:43 – DJI Tello and DJI Mavic 2 further STEM education as high school students take to the skies


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  1. I received my Skydio2 yesterday… 11 months and 2 weeks total from order to doorstep. Kinda crazy, and yes, I do think it may have been in part due to additional units going out to agencies. Either way, I still can't complain. (I do mostly work that is around the sub-contract sector, oil and gas, energy, etc.)

  2. If you actually take a close look at the video. Shark is chasing a fish that jumps out of water behind the guy after the shark does kind of because of how it's being chased and if you actually look you can tell that the shark it looks like it's chasing something the whole time and not the human on a surfboard more like a fish

  3. It’s less about the parts being from china as it is the data going through Chinese server’s. Even if the data is local DJI still forces you to create an account, give up information, and go through them to fly any of their drones. You can’t just take it out of the box, charge the batteries and just fly.

  4. MY MAVIC MINI,using yagi,and parabolic extenders,in suburban environment ,my range record..12349 feet one way,hit RTH,kicked back vaping for 8 minutes,and my mini landed at my feet …oh,and if the FAA is listening…yea i can see my mini 2.3 miles away just fine..wink

  5. Sad news about the Parrot Anafi Thermal; It falls out of the sky. It happened to my friend after updating the batteries. So naturally I tested it with mine. I fell out of the sky when it was supposed to just land. 2 out of 3 times it fell, in soft grass of course. I'm not updating. Haven't heard back from Parrot B.K.

  6. I am so disappointed in the lack of credible oversight of the drone issues by the government and the lopsided conclusions. I would love to by U. S. made drones, but is is obvious some other organization needs to take ownership of working out guidelines and regulations that will help the industry (including manufacturing) grow in the U. S.,
    even if I had to pay more for a drone (within reason).

  7. Hey there fellas this is Chris from Tampa Florida love the new show watch it every chance I get try not to ever miss an episode just so informative and I just love the way you are percent all the information that y'all do thanks and have a nice and safe day

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