Drone News – FCC Filings for DJI Mavic Air 2, Business Opportunities in The Wake of the Coronavirus

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Sneak Peek at the DJI Mavic Air 2, New DJI Drones, Drone Deliveries, Drones for Enforcing Social Distancing, 3D Modeling and VR for Real Estate Marketing

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  1. We know DJI can do a lot of good things, but they are controlled by the CCP. Just like we enjoyed trade with China, after this Viral outbreak the World is now wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze.

  2. There are plenty of alternatives to a Matterport , Apple phones are being used now, Riccoh z1 is a 360 camera with in many ways, more capability that the Mattport pro1 or pro2, and is about 1/3 the price. The argument that is constantly made by MatterportFanboys is that the "quality" isn't there with anything other than a Matterport camera. I disagree. There's a tool for everything. External mapping in New England is tough. Lots of trees and in many citys, houses are in close proximity to each other We don''t have wide open spaces. Lots of distortion, low res,
    If you have the business that can support PIX4d, Great, but it's a pretty expensive subscription mapping app.

  3. Great show guys. Hate to burst your bubble but realtors in our area are not interested in spending $700 for 3D tours to market a $350,000 home. One sticking point for virtual tours is the performance of the hosting software. When a consumer clicks on a site, you have about 8 seconds to capture their attention and 12 seconds to get them engaged. 90% of all real estate views are performed on a mobile device. Until 5G becomes the norm, the average device does not have the bandwidth IE good cell signal to view a 3D presentation seamlessly and with fluid properties. The customer quickly becomes frustrated and goes somewhere else. That is the main reason there has been a drop in virtual tours over the last couple of years.

  4. It sucks that you guys can't fly your own drones to investigate what's happening nowadays and have to rely on government-approved DJI footage. Keep peddling on the "greater good" measures and you'll get more things to rely on.
    To ever get to the "greater good" the moral caliber of the means must match it, if not, you're cheering on your own enslavement. But what do I know, I'm not a normie.

  5. Ocusync in the Air!?!? I think one of those two models would be a Mavic Air Pro then. Didn't DJI state in the past that Ocusync was reserved for their pro models? Perhaps this is why they changed the controller. It will be interesting to see what the two models will be. I am betting on a pro model and a regular model.

  6. With regard to a handheld mirrorless camera, you mention that DJI would have to come up with a variety of lenses in order to compete with Sony and others. What if DJI launched a mirrorless camera that can accept lenses from the other manufacturers? I have a Sony A7r3 with $2000 lenses. If DJI had a camera that can accept my Sony lenses, I would be very interested.

  7. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities during this time, but realtors will never pay for that type of service. They have trouble paying for quality photos above $300, and I would not do a mapping and modelling mission for under $750, which includes capture, processing and delivery. Commercial buildings and such make more sense here where there is budget.

  8. i sold all my drones .. because of the rules ….now i dont need to worry about others flying the hobby making good pilots look bad doing things that they should not do…..i have seen many videos of people doing what you are not suppose to do with drones and some do have part 107…..

  9. I think factor x took down his vid. Where can you find these outdated laws for NYC and any other “hidden” laws (for other state’s/cities/areas) that some new pilots may not know?

  10. If DJI does come up with a hand held camera, let's just hope that we won't have to register and login to use it…
    Thank you Sony for my mirrorless cameras!

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