Drone News – Drone Delivery Business, DJI News, Osmo Mobile 3 Rumors, Industrial Drone Uses

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Swiss Post Halts Drone Delivery Business, Everdrone Makes its First Drone Delivery, DJI News, DJI’s New FPV Transmission System, DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Rumors, Drone Usage Results in Rising Worker Safety

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01:31 – Swiss Post halts drone delivery business after second drone crash
06:25 – Swedish company, Everdrone commences its drone delivery business
08:12 – New DJI Digital FPV Transmission System promises detailed and sharper HD view
17:25 – Osmo Mobile 3 Rumors – DJI about to launch new Osmo Mobile 3 with prominent upgrades and folding design
19:30 – Drone technology saves mining major, BHP $5 million every year
20:49 – Rising industrial usage of drones results in risk mitigation and increased worker safety

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  1. Just a few things on the DJI FPV system.

    Yes it is actually compatible with any FC that will accept an SBUS input. The video feed is advertised as ~2.5 miles and it may or may not get that far. The real benefit is not necessarily the range, as analog signals can reach tens of miles when setup correctly. The real advantage is the robustness and stability of the link. HOWEVER, the transmitter is nowhere close to the same level as hobby-grade transmitters and can't come close to same sort of range or stability. If DJI makes the transmitter functional on a 900mhz frequency, shrinks the air unit, and shaves ~15-20g off of the camera/air unit combo then they have left no reason to buy anything else.

  2. That fpv goggle system might work well on the larger drones that film or photograph things especially for movies. I know the pilot can't legally wear it but the camera operator could.

    I think DJI was smart too make it Universal and not worry about developing one of those drones yet, especially since the real Racers like to build their own. Since it's small enough for small, racing drones I would imagine it's not too much of a payload for something like a mavic or Phantom but I wonder if it would be compatible with those since it's really designed for the homemade racing drones

  3. Hi guys, superb content. I just wanted to respond to your remark questioning the size of the market for the DJI Osmo Mobile. As you mentioned the other Osmo products like the Ronin SC and the Osmo Pocket are geared more towards professional film-makers. However, isn't there a massive market around the world of non-professional photographers and or videographers, not to mention Vloggers and YouTubers? Personally, I no longer want to lug bulky, heavy and expensive full-frame cameras, lenses, tripods and other accessories with me. A smartphone I already carry anyway, along with a compact, collapsible and lightweight gimbal offers me much more flexibility and portability. Surely there is a big market of people for this kind of solution? Your view and comments are welcome. Regards, Mark.

  4. 1 UPS delivery truck can deliver 5 tons or 10,000 lb of packages in one day. It would take 2,500 drone deliveries to equal that one truck. Just think of the maintenance cost alone on the lithium-ion batterys for the drones. To equal 10 delivery trucks would require 25,000 drone deliveries each day.

  5. Hi Paul. My drone has been registered since the FAA required it. Now I have a Part 107. I only have one drone but is it still legal? Is there a different drone registration process for 107 pilots?

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