Drone News – DJI News, US Army selects Parrot, AeroMexico 747 Collision, DJI Manifold

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DJI News, Aeromexico 747 Collision, DOD Selects Parrot to Develop Spy Drone, DJI Manifold Supercomputer for Autonomous Operations, DHS voices Data Security Concerns for DJI

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01:45 – Was the Boeing AeroMexico plane damaged due to a drone collision?
07:20 – Drones block emergency response operations in Tulsa, Oklahoma
08:55 – DJI News – DJI and other Chinese-made drones spark data security concerns from DHS
13:04 – Parrot selected to develop a spy drone for the US military
16:17 – DJI News – DJI launches Manifold 2, an onboard computer that will make drones autonomous
18:44 – FAA UAS Symposium 2019 coming up next week in Baltimore, June 3-5

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  1. so Paul with access to the aircraft and deep forensic experience you rightly determined it was not a drone strike…err no you lucked out on limited info. I love your show and enjoy it and in the most part do not disagree with many of of your conclusions but you need to reign in the self congratulatory ego as someone who prides them self on detail and being right.

    give my regards to baldy

  2. Keep camera on speaker or speaker's illustrations, not on listener unless it's an audience pan. Good substance but amateur production. I couldn't do better but you should.

  3. You guys are awesome Paul and Haye . Great Vid. And like I've been saying..Parrot is awesome and I hope they win the US contract. Parrot has great customer service. DJI well I want them around to service my Spark aand as a drone company I think they are great. But the big picture, using their analogy (ok to steal it Paul) is that they are Chinese. And china has a STRANGLEHOLD..(see Ted Nugent). They come from a near rival competitive Country that has been involved in 1. Land grabs from the Philippines, 2. Shipping fentanol illegally to our young vulnerable youth, 3.. Turning our vulnerable agents into spies, 4. Disrespecting and spying on and ultimately stealing our Tech. (See 60 Min) Not sure if they are any help with north Korea but if they want to be our ally, they should. None of which the French has a problem with. In fact they gave us the Statue of Liberty!! To show their gratitude for wartime help. They are definitely our ally. The biggest error they could have made is letting too many illegal refugees in under their bleeding heart policy, for which all of Europe is paying for now. So yes give them the contract if they come up with a good capable drone. Because it is not just about the drone but the company who is making and supporting it and not using it or any government sponsored aid to use it as a tool to undermine America. And I'm glad the Tariffs are in place. They have had subsidized free shipping for decades now of course they are doing better. But there is no gratitude just arrogant denial that they were ever helped.

  4. Quick question: why do you guys flip back to a shot of Paul when Haye is talking? I mean a back and forth between two shots is just good editing but you stay on Paul for a long and very awkward time.

  5. I’m in the flooded area of West Arkansas and just a registered hobbiest. I haven’t flown at all unless I drove to the other side of town outside of the 5 mile radius of our airport. But some how Social media has tons of drone footage of our area. If all of this would have happened before May16th then I’d have some cool stuff to show. But I’m obeying the rules ?. I’m going to start to study for the 107, the few people that I have talked to flying “like in person” said they have theirs. I just need to get it.

  6. Anafi thermal using encrypted 'occusync' style command control. What you then have is a big black hornet with daylight and thermal and much better imaging at one 40th of the price!

    Already done


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