Drone News – DJI Mavic Mini & Skydio 2 Review, US Interior Department Grounds DJI Drones

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Mavic Mini and Skydio 2 Comprehensive Review, Mavic vs Skydio, US Department Grounds DJI Drones, Drone Search and Rescue, Uber Eats Starts Testing Drone Deliveries

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01:19 – Will Skydio 2 impact the drone industry in a big way?
02:04 – US Interior Department grounds Chinese made drones
07:06 – DJI Mavic Mini Review – Detailed Insights, Specs and Capabilities
07:52 – As a commercial drone pilot, will flying a drone weighing less than 250 grams give you any signficant advantage?
08:55 – Is it worth buying the DJI Mavic Mini?
09:03 – Will the absence of 4K dissuade potential Mavic Mini buyers?
09:48 – Is geofencing active on the DJI Mavic Mini? Can DJI Aeroscope detect small drones like Mavic Mini?
10:23 – Is the Mavic Mini a good drone to fly?
11:05 – Is the all-new DJI Fly App significantly different from the DJI Go4 App?
12:05 – Can you capture high resolution and sharp images with the Mavic Mini?
13:03 – Is it true that you don’t need to register the DJI Mavic Mini? We clear some common misconceptions
15:54 – How many recreational pilots are using the LAANC system for flying in controlled airspace? Has the FAA been able to enforce compliance?
17:59 – Paul shares his experience with the Skydio 2
19:53 – Can you safely fly the Skydio 2 in GPS negative environments?
20:13 – Can the Skydio 2 prove to be a good public safety drone?
22:13 – With the advent of autonomous drones like the Skydio 2, will the FAA reduce airspace restrictions?
23:15 – How big is the “safety bubble” surrounding the Skydio 2?
24:10 – Drones for Good – A Mavic 2 Enterprise used to rescue a hiker in Canada
26:03 – Is Skydio planning to launch a thermal drone anytime soon?
27:16 – Uber Eats intensifies their drone delivery efforts
31:08 – Skydio 2 or Mavic Mini – Which drone should you buy?

Please watch: “How FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID for Drones Will Hurt Hobby Pilots or RC Pilots with Jon McBride”
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  1. Somewhere IN THE RULES doesn't say PILOT keeping visual and A spotter kind of JUMPS OUT AT ME? With this drone it's cool I like it but my mavic mini and other drones make me feel more mind full of my recreational flying environment.I LIKE BEING THE PILOT THAT'S WHY i BOUGHT this tiny little DJI Mini Mavic it's been a blast.259 THUMBS UP!

  2. can you fly it with VR goggle? I want to fly immersive (not that I have done it before) But, can you fly it with some form of AR / VR goggles with an app? I think that is the way I 'd want to fly. Can you answer it? thx.; would the moverio bt 300 work with the mini? thx.

  3. America has been at war with commercial and amateur drone pilots since their inception. If they really cared about hurting china they would lift regulations on American companies and consumers.

  4. The goal for putting out a drone at 249grams is nothing more then a DJI marketing hype. In the past 3 weeks there's been quite a few youtube video discussions about registering it. As stated, if you add Accessories then it's over 249g. The easiest thing to do rather then sit on a fence continually discussing the registering of this unit is too just register and be done. No more hassle and the discussion can be closed. I think if anyone can payout out 399 bucks for it or 499 for fly more excluding tax then really what is 5 bucks.

  5. Doh skydio at night people in need of SAR can take a run and jump, I don’t believe any SAR Group would be interested in something that will only operate half the day for them, this thinking is so flawed .

  6. I think you show real favoritism towards skydio, think this might have something to do with sour grapes, the biggest use for drones is photography and from this point of view the dji drones are much more superior as well as flying using ocusync, a fact is a $400 drone mavic mini has a much further range than skydio, so begs the question has skydio cut back on some things, your jealousy is so obvious it makes you look ridiculous, and I say this because you were supposed to comment on two drones but you dismissed one completely, as a you tuber you just offend people .

  7. recreational pilots don't register their drones, period. for the recreational flyer, the only question is whether the mavic mini will be required to bear a registration sticker on the exterior placed there by the owner who has "visited" the faa website. the answer is a qualified no. you will not have to weight your drone daily to determine if you need to register yourself and affix the sticker before your flight. why? because (based on the faa intent), it doesn't go by the takeoff weight or the weight during flight or the landing weight unless you make a "significant' change to the drone and you are no longer flying the exempt model called the dji mavic mini. i think we are overthinking the whole weight thing.

  8. Will Skydio come out with a thermal camera in the near future? I don't know, let's ask Autel. Not all upgrades are firmware based… Like a camera, for example. All drone companies add features through updates, including DJI, Autel, Yuneec, Parrot, etc. That's not unusual or Tesla specific.

  9. I was overseas in the military. Guys were using their store bought drones on patrol. The concern wasn't necessarily China but that the drones weren't secure and could be hacked by enemies. So they prohibited them all, not just DJI but all.

  10. Great new drone the Skydio. But I enjoy piloting my drone and honing my skills. Not saying that I will not look into the Skydio. Like flying and being in control a bit more.

  11. Funny how some are saying the Mavic Mini is a good beginner drone, with no OA tech it’s gonna cost them a lot to repair so it may end up being their last drone too. If you say they are catering to beginners then why wouldn’t they have some type of OA to help those beginners fly with more confidence and avoid crashing their $400 drone ?

  12. Was ready to pull the trigger on the Mavic Mini until I heard your info on the Skydio 2. Now I have to go look at that. The ease of flying is my #1 concern as I am a novice. The Mini looked like $ and features was going to be in my favor. Thanks! 🙂

  13. My thoughts on 2.7k video are so what? I shoot 2.7k video all the time for several reasons even though I can shoot 4k. It takes up less room on my storage card and computer, it is hard to tell the difference on TV between 2.7 and 4k and it is easier to post process with faster speed on the rendering. Too many so called experts say 4K is a must……..I disagree! Client's don't care or can't tell the difference even when the footage is shown side-by-side.

  14. Hello I am Canadian, I just purchased a DJI Mavic Mini, I travel to Hunting beach California every summer for family visit. My question for you is as a foreigner, can I fly my mini drone in US? where can I fly within 50 KM from Huntington Beach? Is there a map that I can search where to fly on my own. Your help is appreciated. Tom

  15. Very Interesting….. The Question That I Would Ask Is "How Many Part 107 Pilots Are Actively Flying On A Regular Basis" I Am A Part 107 Pilot And Do Not Fly Commercially. I Have Been A 107 For The Last 3 Years.

  16. It is a mistake to compare mavic mini to skydio 2. They have different targets. Maybe the person who has an skydio 2 will have a mavic mini also. The mini's portability and less restrictions will have a role in the hobby. Thank you for the video. Suscribed!

  17. Skydio is not less than 250grams and you can’t compare it to Mavic Mini which is a beginners’ drone into 3axis stabilised camera photography for Travel video bloggers. You cannot build a FPV GPS quad with 3 axis stabilized camera and weighs less than 250grams.

    Skydio is a serious drone for commercial pilots (registered) and is better than DJI drones.

    I am waiting for a Skydio that weighs less than 250grams. Another 10 years’ time ?

  18. The issue with the Skydio 2 does have some major limitations, one of them is the space the drone is flying has to be well lit. I place my money down and waiting, but I do see some issues with only being able to fly in well-lighted areas. But I am still excited about getting the drone

    John (Skydio)

    Oct 14, 9:37 AM PDT

    Hi James,

    You cannot fly the Skydio 2 at night as it requires vision to avoid obstacles, and it will fly indoors if it is a large enough open space and it is well lit. Also, we will have a multi-charger available for purchase prior to your shipment, along with other accessories.
    Best regards,
    Skydio Support
    Skydio 2 FAQ
    Watch the Skydio 2 Getting Started Video

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