Drone News – DJI Mavic 3 Release Date, Autel Wins Lawsuit Against DJI, Remote ID to Roll Out in 2021

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DJI Mavic 3 Set to Hit Stores Earlier Than Expected, Autel Wins Landmark Legal Judgement Against DJI, DJI Mavic Air 2 Issue, Remote ID to Roll Out in 2021

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02:06 – Remote ID to roll out in 2021
07:33 – List of technology partners that FAA is partnering with for Remote ID
10:52– How real-time connectivity can give rise to data security issues 13:13 – Autel wins patent dispute against DJI
14:17 – Read about this DJI Mavic Air 2 issue BEFORE buying the drone 15:00 – Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Spark to disappear from shelves shortly after DJI loses legal battle against Autel
15:38 – Legal developments might prompt DJI to come out with the DJI Mavic 3 sooner than expected
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  1. Lawsuits anyone? Don't go after the whole group, they got the power. But, if you pick on each and everyone of those clowns separately, they will feel very uncomfortable being a target. It would demonstrate the ineptness of each of those clowns. Their counterparts would not know when and if they are the next ones to get the summons
    It's a psycological ploy that would rattle them. Winning a few of them, would make the others rethink their mistakes. Don't you think so?

  2. Theres too much money tied into this hobby for it to be so ridiculously regulated. The system is filled with control freaks and money hungry idiots.

  3. You need to be clear when you reference the public, when the FAA mentions the public they are referring to municipal agencies such as states. Here in NYC the NYPD wants to control drone flight, the NYPD has a special drone unit and what I think they want is to fine individuals who brake municipal drone rules. Basically they want to be able to send you a 15,000 ticket in the mail.

  4. They are using the drone community as a testing platform. If what they are attempting is successful they are going to use that tech on other things. What is also interesting is how they are pushing the 5g agenda, could this be why?

  5. I cannot understand what is the issue with the propellers not being foolsafe.
    If you mismount them on Mavic Air 2 then when you arm it the drone will make a funny noise and then stop with a warning.
    You won't be let fly with a mismounted propellers.
    It is impossible to mismount only 1 propeller – but you can mismount 2 propellers.
    You cannot mismount 3 propellers but you can mismount 4.
    It is an even oddity.

  6. Glad I saw this. Am within the Amazon return window for a Mav… mini to toy with. Seems everyone is playing games so will just return it to save the grief and anxiety from society.

  7. Like I've been saying, the FAA has no interest in listening to what people want, they never planned on reading those comments, and those comments were always going to be ignored. That list of companies that got the contracts, they didn't get those contracts cuz they were qualified, they got them because they sent the right people in the FAA on the right vacation, their kids got into the schools they shouldn't have without help, I bet every executive there has a brand new iphone on T-Mobile and gets new upgrades when they want.

  8. As a potential new drone flyer doing research b4 I buy my 1st drone, I'm wondering if these rules will prevent me from doing what I'm dreaming of doing which is filming in remote areas. How am I supposed to maintain an internet connection or a cell phone connection in the middle of nowhere in the desert?

  9. For goodness sake if your going to do news, cut out the childish attitude. This is important. Also, make sure that your facts are checked correctly. That said, love that there is a news programme for those who have no voice keep it going. Stay safe

  10. They regulated the heck out of the trucking industry the past decade, and they're probably going to do the same to unmanned aircraft industry too. Especially big players like Amazon who wants to own all that air space for package delivery.

  11. Don’t waste your time & especially don’t waste your money with these losers!!! Anyone who rats our their fellow pilots or encourages it deserves to fail. They prey on the weak minded, taking their money in exchange for “information” and what they call tips, all of which is free for the finding!! And don’t forget there are literally 1000’s of pilots who will offer flying tips and many will even let you “fly along” and get some free training not $2000 classes. What a waste of digital space, it’s almost as bad as my own crappy channel ???

  12. Remote ID is also about monetising. FAA/Gov also want to remove DJI and anything Chinese from the market to make way for US goods. Looking forward to November when Trump starts looking for a new reality TV show..

  13. So…Yeah Nah – just like the Mavic 3 Clickbait – Calling BS on this.
    3 options:
    * Paul's car is so fast it can travel faster than his Mobile signal – which at a minimum is communication @ 700mhz. I want that Rocket…I mean car.
    * The Mobile he is using actually uses Pidgeon IP (look it up!)
    * The tractor carrying the Cell towers behind him can't keep up.

  14. Some guy posted an old video of flying straight up to the clouds. I thought it was cool but most commentors thought it blatant disregard of public (airplane) safety. Many people otherwise anti-Big government go along with draconian drone controls in the name of that shibbolet "safety". And China will love the controls.

  15. 53000 comments in 60 days is 110 comments per hour. 8 hours a day. That’s 2 comments per minute. This sounds like the FAA did not, for a moment, even consider looking at them. This is someone setting up a huge corruption scheme.

  16. ????it's simple to understand them the government and those elites want everything and you get dung. Here we are in the dawn of a new civilization for mankind .yet THEY are taking over our reality our rights our freedom even our health as we've been having our technology stolen from us. The quantum computers are able to construct new realities yet they don't know what they can even do with it yet. But first they have degress the common people to under privileged mutants as they train the AI system to monitor and control us. All the while they are breaking out their police and military drones. Our sky is as much ours as it anything else's. But we will have to fight this robotic onslaught that's now upon us. Did any really thing skunk works was a deodorizer company or Boston Dynamics was a architecture project for upgrading Boston suburbs. How about that place DARPA ? Kinda of a scary name, something of a dart Vader fan maybe the engineered black mask helmets there.the wars are now fought by technologies used against that we bought created and paid for. Educate the AI program, fight for our rights and the battles have begun.This message should self destruct before its removed.

  17. I have to be blunt and honest. As a federally credentialed aviator for ovwr 3 decades. Aircraft manufactures have not historically ever led the path of transponder navigation or other avionics equipment. Remote id is really no different than a transponder in a manned aircraft. And not having cessna or piper make transpondera makes sense. Their speciality and focus is airodynamics, weight and balance, loading, renolds number index and stall speed and configurations and VNE. I cannot wrap my head around why so many drone operators are afraid or freaking out that commercial operation requires a part 107, or that maned aircraft, aviators, and crewmembers have all followed the rules for decades and have had to install or replace faa pma approved transponders. And i fly every type of drone out there. I began building them and operating thwm before drone channels even became a thing. I even had a dji and got rid of it because their crap consumer products that kinda suck to be honest. Not to mention the known reality that dji is controlled by the chinese communist party and CANNOT be trusted and ts been prooven they use their products to create security risks. All i see and hear is drone pilots complain and whine like children that if your operating any aircraft in US airspace has to comply with the faa. Dealing with the faa has never been fun. But i think your whining about your individual rights not ever realizing that many of us have been dealing with and probed by the faa longer than you have been out of diapers. How about all past pilots and a and p mechanics have their social security number on a fedral list that people have access to. Aircraft operation is a privelage. Not a right!

  18. I simply cannot believe that anyone ever thought that the FAA planned on reading, or listening, to our comments in the first place. That was just to give everyone the impression that this action was going to be fair.
    This whole RemoteID thing was already decided on before it was made public.

  19. So when attempting to fly in an area with no cell service you will just be screwed then. So no more remote area , rural areas , favorite scenic spots….just pretty much in a minimum of "designated" hobby flier areas that are connected at all times. End of hobby as we know it. The public doesn't need to know who is flying overhead ….but the police will know whether we like it or not and that's a given …sigh.

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