Drone News – DJI Inspire 3, DJI launches Phone to Drone Remote ID, BVLOS

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DJI Inspire 3 Launch in 2020, DJI’s new Drone to Phone Remote ID Technology, DJI Mavic Mini and how it affects airspace safety, Flying BVLOS in NY State, Drone Deliveries and much, much more…

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01:42 – DJI launches Drone to Phone Remote ID technology
07:54 – How the ability to fly DJI Mavic Mini without registration is endangering airspace safety
10:12 – MSX Support for Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual provides greater clarity to thermal images
12:09 – DJI Inspire 3 to launch next year? Exclusive updates and latest details
15:22 – Testing corridor for BVLOS flights opens up in NY State
18:01 – How the ability to fly BVLOS can prove to be the much needed catalyst for drone delivery operations
24:00 – Where can you find the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals?

Please watch: “How FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID for Drones Will Hurt Hobby Pilots or RC Pilots with Jon McBride”
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  1. Be careful for what you wish for, with the new proposed FAA rule us hobby pilots will be frozen out of drone usage. If all you care about is commercial usage then fine, FU.

  2. Nice show guys.. and thanks for highlighting the MSX issue and the shout out Haye.. MSX was available in iOS, but after the drone firmware update the MSX in iOS stopped working. The app update fixed that and gave some improvements which will help in our SAR efforts.


  3. Its a pity that DJI can not prioritise the thousands of people who bought the Mavic Mini to find the Fly App does not work with their phone and the leading so called Drone You Tubers who virtually ignore the issue for fear of being ostricsised.

  4. Great work as usual- very informative. 😉 If DJI takes it that step to far and exposes the identity and position of the drone operator in real time – I'm done with DJI drones. Broadcasting the purpose of the flight, the drones current position and ID (that enforcement can look up) is fine real time – but exposing the pilots identity and position in real time for everyone, is talking it way too far and devastating the privacy of the drone operator. It will lead to stealing of expensive drones and unnecessary confrontations although a flight is perfectly legal and necessary permissions are covered for.
    Pardon my Denglish – I'm a Danish citizen and English is not my primary language – I hope you get the point anyway 😉

  5. Let me say first: I’m sooo thankful for DroneU (and also droneDJ) to exist and run this podcast. It’s the most informative and professional thing out there. Yes, there’s “AirVūz” too, but that’s more for the creative side of drones. Though most topics are connected to US-law, I still like to watch and learn, yet being from Europe. Thanks for that ?

    On the topic (remote id): I couldn’t agree more with both of you (and many others here in the comments)

    The only thing that makes me sad, and also angry to some degree, is the way DJI acts in this.

    And yes I know, there’s other manufacturers too, and yes I know Dji is not making the law. But DJI is the world leader in consumer drones (~80% market share). And they just throws their hands in the air and say “well we can’t do much, we must follow governmental guidance”. That’s kind of chickening-out.

    If DJI is not able to do some lobbying here, then who else can?! After all, it’s DJI who showed the world what drones can do / be.

    It’s kind of their responsibility. They added to this situation.

    Just this morning I saw another new video of them on Instagram. In that Clip, they kind of make fun out of it when there’s a scene where a guy watches a “things to do before you fly first time with your drone” video on YouTube, ending up tired because DJI tries to make it look complicated and tiring. It continues, by DJI saying “don’t worry!”. Flying is easy! Everyone can do it!

    NEVER have I seen DJI post something about airspace laws/rules on their social media. The contrary: they re-posted content of people using their products while clearly violating law.

    They keep promoting that everyone can fly, carefree. Easy. While knowing very well that governments (for a good reason) have a problem with that and need to (again, for a good reason) control airspace.

    To me, this is misleading your customers. And creating such an app (and btw, the app and the BASIC idea are a good thing ?) silently, behind locked doors and not really talking about it on its social media channels put a very shady light on this ?

    Will be interesting too see how their “average” customers gonna react to that. Yep, those who buy their products to just unfold it and fly. Easy. Carefree… careless

  6. remote id seems like a massive invasion of privacy unless its for government and FAA only. I don't want typical folks being able to log into my drones wifi. Only a matter of time before someone hacks that to crash drones

  7. Stealing a GA aircraft isn't really that hard if you have a screw driver. Perhaps a bit more skill involved to get away with it, but the security of the older single engine planes is virtually non existent. PIlots had a key, but that was just to make the pilot feel special <:)

  8. the discussion about the external camera makers being on the Inspire 3 makes no sense. Possibly on the Matrice series (they showed example on the 200 series) — maybe they roll out a 300 series that has fixed gimbal that allows mirrorless cameras to balance and mount. Time will tell, but I suspect by mid-next year there will be several new players — Alta evidently is getting in the medium drone (Inspire) space. Would make sense for them to take their smaller line (below the X) and expand their customers.

  9. I honestly wouldn’t want to fly my x-t3 on an inspire 3. Why would I do that when my x5s is FARRRR more superior in video capabilities than the x-t3 plus the lenses are cheap and Fuji lenses are expensive! Imagine losing your inspire 3 and with that losing your photo/video ground camera OUCH!

  10. If/when a 'drone-to-phone' app is rolled out by the FAA there will no doubt be extensive news coverage. We as drone professionals and hobbyists are all too familiar with how frequently the media has sensationalized and misrepresented the "threat" drones pose to the public in attempts to tease and capture viewers attention. To many in the public this new app will only validate their suspicions that drones are dangerous and drone operators are potential terrorists, voyeurs or otherwise out of control threats to public safety and must be stringently regulated to the point of abandoning our privacy among other rights.

  11. Another reason NOT to buy DJI…..

    F..king big brother….

    Along with robbers delight.

    This is DJI trying to save their market nothing to do with end user.

  12. Great idea: improve public confidence by being able to see the drone ID and to maybe have flight mission info show as well. Also let first responders and law officers know where the pilot is located. ?

    BAD IDEA: giving the general public the ability to disrupt, harass or interrupt a pilot in the middle of a flight! ? Common sense slaps that idea in the face! ?

  13. If this app becomes available to the general public…I see potential for anti drone vigilantes to use the app to create violent dangerous situations for drone pilots. It should be limited to FAA and law enforcement.

  14. In addition to the concerns surrounding the drone to phone app, there is a lot of concern in the public safety community about their drones and pilots being located as well.
    There is a lot of blame to go to DJI for the misconception that you can fly how and wherever you want with the Mavic Mini just from their print ads. Making it under 250 grams was totally unnecessary, IMO.
    The MSX update for iOS comes months after it was released for Android. This allows the blending slider bar to show way more detail than before, more akin to the Parrot Anafi Thermal. You can blame Apple for the delay. I’m glad I can go back to my iPad now and return my daughter’s Galaxy Tab to her ?

  15. I too have mixed feelings about the app based tracking. This will kill the drone hobby for some if widely implemented. As you say, come rob me of my expensive toy.

  16. Why are people confused on the mavic mini. If you use it for commercial use than it's still required to register it

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