Drone News – DJI Halts P4P Production, Impossible Aerospace, Drones for Herding Sheep, Free Solo

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01:12 – Phantom 4 Pro is officially out of production
05:11 – US-1, a drone by Impossible Aerospace, can fly for up to 2 hours
07:37 – Herding sheep with the Mavic 2 Enterprise
09:34 – Drone pilot in Georgia electrocuted when trying to retrieve his drone
11:13 – Drone with thermal cameras used to spot koalas in Australia
13:46 – Was a drone used in Free Solo for capturing some El Capitan scenes?

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  1. Sorry guys but DJI is planning on stopping Drone production permantley within 8 months because of new Drone laws and public outcry over airport incidences and near plane misses.

  2. Seven grand for a drone with no camera? There is no battery, flight controller, and radio setup worth anything near paying that for. Just another greedy company looking to price gouge government agencies and others who like to throw money at anything. I’m no engineer but I have a 680 quad that’ll stay in the air for an hour and I really wasn’t trying that hard to do it. Reusing a Naza m v2 from an old rig so it didn’t even cost but about $500.

  3. A drone has to be portable to be practical. While all versions of both the P3 and P4 are great drones, they are a little hard to fit into a back pack. While the P3 is a great low price entry level true drone, the P4 is much more expensive. This is the reason for the decline in the P4. People want portability and high quality, which is the very reason for the popularity of the Mavic series, along with the selfie crowd who love the Spark. Introducing a Phantom 5 will be pointless

  4. So true on drones , there needs to be more positive stuff on them , because i love flying my Spark , and My Tello . and i want to get into drone photography . but the look at on drones still has so far to go , before we can all have the fun nature intended us too , as living beings on this now over populated planet.

  5. Rubbish Paul as long ago as 20 years they were using gyro stabilized camera rigs with 1,000 mm + lenses. Famous case of the cop being filmed from 3 miles away executing a citizen clear enough to identify said cop. Mind you these rigs are 100’s K.

  6. What's the big deal, next drone is coming. It doesn't mean you p4 pro will cease to work. People still rock p2 n p3s. Case closed. Stop speculating if, it's when.

  7. Enjoy the News show with Hiya, Australia where the sheep are nervous and drones rule. Sad about the Georga boy, They should teach electrical safety in school. I used a 40 cal. Arc flash suit with hot stick. ps your duck bill hat is funny, I didn't realise it was in style sorry for dissen you on that. where's my P-5-P?

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