Drone News: DJI Data leak report. Drone/helicopter collision. 20k students

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This week in drone news: An update to the DJI data leak that’s been going on for years. A Canadian police drone collides with a Police Helicopter. Pix4D releases a new photogrammetry cloud service: Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced. And finally a Pilot Institute update: we reach 20,000 students and 36,000 enrollments, all thanks to you!

00:00:42 – DJI Data Leaks: real or not?
00:04:03 – Police drone collides with a police helicopter
00:06:15 – New Pix4Dcloud offering
00:07:43 – 20,000 students at Pilot Institute

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DJI Data Leaks: real or not?
A report from Booz Allen, an IT consulting company, was released this week regarding the long-debated possible data security issues from DJI drones.
The report was prepared for PrecisionHawk, a commercial drone and data company.
Booz Allen tested risk assessments of possible vulnerabilities for 3 drones: the Government Edition Mavic Pro, Matrice 600, and the Mavic 2 Enterprise.
The testing did not identify data connections made by the drone platforms to DJI or Chinese servers.
They did identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited or triggered by a threat source.
The attacker would need to have physical access to the drone itself, or be within direct radio range during specific operations.
The vulnerabilities were provided to DJI who said they mitigated several of them and will address the rest shortly.
The report also said that “vulnerabilities will exist to some degree regardless of the UAS platform”.

When a police drone collides with a police helicopter
A Royal Canadian Mounted Police AS350 helicopter collided with a SkyRanger R60 drone earlier in February but was only reported in June.
The two aircraft were on a joint mission in British Columbia when the accident happen.
It was classified as a midair collision, which happened at 300 feet AGL.
No one was hurt and the helicopter did a precautionary landing on a road nearby.
Damage was found on the helicopter to the main rotor blades and the tail boom and rotor.
The drone itself was destroyed and with has a listing price of $100,000, it’s an expensive lesson.

New Pix4Dcloud offering
Pix4D, the photogrammetry and drone mapping leader, announced a new cloud offering.
Both Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced offer the photogrammetry service to process mapping and modeling from drone images.
The base Pix4Dcloud solution provides 2D and 3D model creation, measuring, elevation profiles, etc.
The advanced version offers the ability to track site progress and compare volumes over time.
Pricing starts at $165/month.

20,000 students!
This week, we reach the 20,000 student mark, representing 34,000 course enrollments.
This makes us one of the fastest growing online aviation training program in the country, and all thanks to you.
We are now trusted by dozens of police, fire, and other public safety departments, high school programs, and other professional organizations.
Thank you again for all your support.


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  1. About the DJI security issue…I believe Booz Allen Hamilton did a study of the Government edition, which most people did not purchase and are not using. Maybe, Homeland Security will not release details of the issue, because they are still classified? I know that, at least as a user, I have to give them details of where I'm flying, many times, to get their permission to fly (lots of DJI limited space around here). It wouldn't take much to backdoor a picture or two during the time when your "required" updates are being done. I worked for the Government for 36.5 years and I've never heard of the Government getting involved, in something like this, without a reason (like they had for the Lenovo computers). I also think part of the concern is that every successful company in China is allowed to be that way, only if they completely support the CCP, which means providing them complete access and anything they request.

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