Drone News: Amazon Drone Surveillance, DJI Government Drone, Tort Law, LAANC for hobbyists

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In this week’s update, Greg discusses the new patent awarded to Amazon for Drone surveillance using their drone delivery program. Greg also covers the new DJI Government edition drones in response to rumors that their drones collect data and send it straight to the Chinese government. Greg gives us an update on the ULC Tort law relating to drone act and more specifically, the response from two groups who are representing landowners. Finally, the biggest news this week is that the FAA will finally roll out LAANC for hobbyists (airspace authorization for hobbyists) on July 23.

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Amazon wins patent for drone ‘home surveillance’ technology
Patent was awarded earlier this week to Amazon. The technology is still in its infancy. The idea is to use delivery drones to perform routine checked on participating houses after the delivery has been done. Garage door left open, broken windows, graffiti, or fire. Customers would be alerted by text or phone call. Geofencing will be available to only scan the selected house.

DJI Strikes back at rumors of data collection
DJI wrote an open letter to the Senate Committee on Drone Security discussing drone use and technology. DJI drones do not share flight logs, photos or videos unless the drone pilot deliberately chooses to do so. They do not automatically send flight data to China or anywhere else. They do not automatically transmit photos or videos over the internet. Unlike some technology companies, DJI does not sell or monetize customer data.
In cases when U.S. drone users do choose to share their data, it is only uploaded to U.S. cloud servers. DJI operates a global Bug Bounty Program so the world’s security researchers can identify unforeseen security issues, and we hire independent security experts to test our products. Release of a DJI Government Edition drone system:
cannot access the internet and only stores information on the device.
No DJI Activation

ULC Tort Law Update
Last week, I reported that a group of UAS industry leaders released a letter of support to the latest update. The JEBURPA: Joint editorial board for uniform real property acts and the RPTE: the Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section of the American Bar Association both released letters that oppose the proposed update. The point of contention is to give land owner some ownership of the airspace above their land as well, in order to prevent drone flights. The proposed version of the Act is supposed to be approved later this summer in Anchorage.

LAANC for Hobbyists will be available in late July.
Late May, the FAA required hobbyists to receive authorization prior to flying in controlled airspace. The only way to get approval is either via LAANC or via the FAA DroneZone website. LAANC will be available July 23! Still more information to come but it will require a LAANC provider (UASidekick, Skyward, Kittyhawk, AirMap)

Find if your airport is part of LAANC:


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  1. I am both a drone and a homeowner. I do not want anyone other than myself within a hundred feet of my house for any reason. At this point in drone development that should not even be an issue as drones are now becoming equipped with optical or high-quality digital zoom. I don't care if a roof is being inspected, a realtor wants to fly, or any other reason, they don't have to be lower than 100 ft or even more. I fly my drone in my own yard and if I want to photograph an area around my house, I take it above 100' or more to do so as you can see more from higher up. My Mavic Air 2 does not have an optical zoom, however the digital zoom works as advertised!

  2. Thanks Greg! So are you going to the Drone Racing League event in Phoenix on Sept 8th? If so, maybe you could do a quick video on it???

  3. As far a DJI is concerned, I not going to take them at their word at all. We need an independent security lab to look at the drones who is not beholden to DJI at all. Unlike some reported so-called researchers paid by DJI. Verify before trust, not the other way.

  4. I'm curious how Amazon can fly to do deliveries or inspection with drones? Even as a p107 pilot they say u can only fly in vlos. How does this apply to Amazon. Im Curious?

  5. I think 100ft is respectful of a homeowners privacy. If you are doing a real estate fly over and need to cross over into the neighbors yard you should ask permission. Just my .02 cents

  6. As a new student of the drone course, and a subscriber, it's great to come to one source to get the latest updates. Great job Greg!

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