Drone Charging for DJI Matrice 300/210: Heisha Tech Releases D135

Drone Charging For Dji Matrice 300 210 Heisha Tech Releases D135

Heisha Tech‘s new D135 dock provides automated drone charging for DJI Matrice series and other larger enterprise drone solutions.

Heisha is focused on enabling automated drone operations by providing automated charging solutions for commercial, off-the-shelf drones.  The Heisha DNEST is designed for the DJI Mavic series: the new D135 drone charging dock is specifically engineered to support the DJI Matrice 300, Matrice 210, and other larger drones.

The DJI Matrice 300’s 55 minute flight endurance and 15 km transmission range make it an ideal solution for long-distance flight missions around the world.  Missions like inspections, however, still require one or more pilots on-site.  The Heisha D135 autonomous drone solution can help pilots manage a job with its automatic take-off, self-landing, and self-charging functions. “It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the Matrice 300 and there is no need to swap the battery in the process: an easy-to-retrofit landing gears will take care of the charging work,” says a press release.

A Drone Charging Dock with Remote Control

“The most brilliant part of the Heisha D135 drone charging dock is the remote control function,” says the press release.   “Manual flight or waypoint flight are optional, you can zoom in or out of the camera during the flight or switch the perspective with only a few taps on the keyboard. Pilots can get the real-time videos, images, or 720-degree panorama with one click.”

As “drone in the box” automated drone solutions develop, the Heisha D135 offers a drone in a box hardware solution for your existing fleet.  The D135 includes an air conditioner and electronic weather station to make sure that the base remains secure in any weather: the fishbone canopy elevates the whole structure to a new level.

“Pilot-free is the biggest challenge of the drone industry, and the Heisha D135 drone charging dock is leading us to the unmanned drone age,” says Heisha.



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Drone Charging For Dji Matrice 300 210 Heisha Tech Releases D135

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Drone Charging For Dji Matrice 300 210 Heisha Tech Releases D135

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