DJI Phantom 5 (Phantom V) – Or just another 'DJI Mavic 3' type hoax?

Dji Phantom 5 Phantom V Or Just Another 039 Dji Mavic 3 039 Type Hoax

We don’t talk about future DJI products UNLESS it’s either a wish-list OR we have something credible. A mysterious photo just appeared via a new Twitter account just two days ago, showing what is suggested to be a DJI Phantom 5/Phantom V – it’s time to investigate!

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  2. So many people told me for years that the Ford Bronco was dead forever, and that there were so much more capable off-road vehicles on the market.
    Well guess what? She’s back, and she’s bad-ass!

  3. The only reason I think this could be real is because it looks like a teaser more than an actual product release. DJI likes to make very vague teasers that don't really show a lot of the product. If this was a hoax why would this person give us a dark vague image and instead a full 3d model or whatever? I mean it seems pretty legit at first glance, even the font in parts of the email below is spot on.

  4. I'm really not sure what to say except, PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY NOW DJI!!!!!!, LOL. It most likely fake but hey gotta get the crowd excited about something in this "interesting" year we've had.

  5. As much as I want to believe it I think it’s fake especially with what’s been leaked past few months. However I do think Dji are going to suprise us with two drones and Mavic 3 and a phantom together considering other companies are pushing Dji. They have been silent for too long Dji

  6. My money is on this being fake. There are more credible leaks out there indicating DJI wants to release their very own FPV drone some time soon. Besides, the Mavic Pro line-up could do with a refresh now that they've dropped the Mavic Air 2 and the Matrice 300.

    If DJI does want to release a Phantom 5, they'll need to modify the main body so that it's more aerodynamic and they'll have to give it a camera bigger and better than anything a Mavic can feasibly carry. I think it would be pretty awesome if a hypothetical Phantom 5's camera was removable so that you could mount a camera of your choice on it. It'd be a return to the line-up's roots with the original Phantom. There are some Youtubers who have mounted cameras like GoPros to that old frame so there is potential for such a drone to sell well. It'd be a nice way to compete with Autel and give people an affordable alternative to the Inspire series. (Which I think is also due fora refresh.)

  7. Hey, I'am not that professional pilot, been flying dji tello for 2 years and 1 month ago bought a mavic mini. I noticed theres like really little dust in motor (very little) should i be woried?Im asking pro pilots because im not that experienced, if you would had time I can send you Image to email or any other. Pls help.

  8. Almost looks like an X-Box logo .LOL Who knows. I would think that DJI is moving towards more portable drone products and slowly moving away from a non foldable prosumer drone product. Cheers

  9. My question would be, why? The only thing that sets the Phantom apart from the Mavic is the mechanical shutter. The MP2 is better in every other way. My friend with the P4 didn't even take his on vacation with him. It's to big. If they do come out with the P5 it will have to have something really special that won't be put on the MP3. What could that be? I don't see DJI doing that. The MP3 will be their biggest cash cow. It will have all the bells and whistles they can cram into it. The Phantom line is like when your keys fall into hot lava, you have to just let it go.

  10. The Phantom series is dead in my humble opinion. You don't need that bulky frame when compact drones like the Mavic series are just as or getting as capable.

  11. Just had a few drone releases, I'm waiting for the Osmo Action II or the pocket II. I have the both MKI of them, If they don't hurry up I'll have to buy the Hero 9. Who am I kidding ?? lol I'll buy em all. Can't help myself :P. Anyway thanx for the vlog Ash, stay safe bro.

  12. To be honest, I don't know is there a need for it. I am probably wrong, as the Mavic 2 Pro would be the drone of choice for me over the P4. It can do everything, apart from 4k 60, but the Air 2 can do that. If you focus on sport, the Air 2 is an obvious choice.
    I would love to see the Phantom 5, just to see what's capable, but I don't know if it's filling a gap that doesn't exist. Maybe some people would like a Phantom for professional work as it look a bit more pro than a Mavic to the public

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Dji Phantom 5 Phantom V Or Just Another 039 Dji Mavic 3 039 Type Hoax

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Dji Phantom 5 Phantom V Or Just Another 039 Dji Mavic 3 039 Type Hoax

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