DJI Phantom 3 – Hype Machine & Other Drone News

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Drone Camps RC talks about the possible release of a DJI Phantom 3 and what people would like to see included in a new copter. Also some other drone related news you might be interested in.


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  1. I had to get a new phone I had a s5 galaxy it died. I bought my new galaxy s7 edge. I downloaded the app, went to the list and phantom 3 pro which I have was not even in the list. Can you tell me why they deleted it ? You are good at answering my questions. Are the android phones not compatible anymore. I have an I pad Air but it is a little heavy.

  2. So question I am going to ask across my UAV channels I subscribe.  Does any one know if PC Ground Station is compatible with the P3 will it be able to talk cross the 2.4?

  3. I bought the Phantom 2 about a month ago and its still in the box. I don't have much time to sit down and get it set up. I'm a little scared that I'm going to do something wrong or forget to do something and crash it. Thanks for your videos its giving me the nerve to fly it one day.

  4. Are there any camera upgrades for the P2VP? I tried the autopilot app and it went up and hovered for like 3secs and took off and hit a tree. So my camera and gimbal are junk.

  5. Not sure that the P3 is going to prevent me from purchasing the Inspire1. The future upgrades for the Inspire camera…etc. I think are worth the investment. I have however listed my Vision 2+ with three batteries, upgraded controller with (8 months warranty still on it), and after market tablet holder for $899. If it sells, I'll turn that $$ around and purchase a P3 as a back up to my Inspire. I'm just $300.00 short in my Inspire account from ordering it. SO JD look for my next order soon.

  6. I would like to see a Phantom that self repairs upon crashing, or one that looks like the Millennium Falcon, or one that turns into a walking, talking robot.

  7. Thank you Justin for the video updated. Please keep them coming!! So far that UAV weather site has Not been accurate for me here in Pennsylvania, Monday it wasn't even close!!

  8. I really hope they release normal Phantom 3, no vision, no plus or what, because for those who already have GoPro, it's pointless to buy another camera which can be ONLY used on this quadcopter

  9. My money is that they'll announce the "Phantom 3". Have to be pretty special to convince me not to purchase the Inspire, of which by the way JD, I now have $2,400 put away so we're getting close to that order:)

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