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I am still hearing of issues with latest DJI FLY app updates V1.2.4 for Android and v1.2.5 for iOS regarding compass issues etc on their DJI Mavic Mini / DJI Mini 2 – plus wanting to test connections myself after hearing of people losing signal after only a few hundred meters – So I checked it out!
Hopefully this gives the confidence to fly your drone without worry.


DJI Direct :

DJI Direct :


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  1. Hello friend, I'm thinking of buying Mini 2. In the review videos I watched, the mini 2 drone cannot go on a straight route at an altitude of 50 m. Sometimes it slides to the right and sometimes to the left. Have you had such a problem? .Is it fixed with the update? Thank you

  2. Great video Gav, the old compass never worked right on my android phone with my Mini 1 but the new one works perfectly. The only thing I would want dji to improve is the size of the compass, it should be bigger and have the option of full screen like the maps function so we can see the little blue arrow better. I love my mini 1 and hope to upgrade to the mini 3 when it comes out, the mini 2 wasn't enough of an upgrade for me to justify spending the money plus my mini 1 has far better range. Thanks again for the great videos, looking forward to your next drone and more mini 1/mini 2 videos

  3. im on android, version 1.2.4 and im scared to fly because of how many comments i have seen about the drone randomly disconnecting in this version. . i have only seen mine do it, when i used the controller button to stop a recording.

  4. Thanks for an informative video. As a new owner using Android all is well except for Quick Transfer. My drone refuses to connect to my Samsung S7. I am using 1.2.4 version of the app. If I try with my wife’s iPhone the Quick Transfer works perfectly. Any thoughts would be helpful.

  5. Great video mate, love the filter – I’m still playing around with the filters and their benefits based on the conditions – looking forward to your video on filters soon ??
    Love your videos ??

  6. As you are in the UK, in your transmission settings can you choose 2.4 or 5.8 in manual mode ?
    I haven't flown my M2 for a couple months and when I started up this time I can only get 2.4 range with no option to do a manual change to 5.8. I'm in Malaysia and prior to this I could get both freqs.

  7. I did have a black screen disconnection twice, including when using 1.2.4 but, am now convinced it was my phone case affecting the connection, as it has been fine for my last couple of flights (without the cheap eBay case) .
    I've just started using a Freewell ND8PL filter and noticed a magenta tinge similar to the flare in your video, so will have to be careful when flying towards the low winter sun.
    I chose the PLs over a CPL, as I need the slower speeds for cinematic filming (that's if I ever get good enough!).

  8. Great video Gav. You've got some really interesting places to fly up there. Glad to see all is good with 1.2.4. You looked a tad chilly at the end of the video ?. Keep safe

  9. Nice. I just have the Standard Day Freewell pack not the full 8 filters, but one of the ones I do have is CPL so I need to try that. I’ve only tried the ND so far so I could use manual settings on a couple of flights, so when I raised and dropped the gimbal it would be fairly balanced (as opposed to auto shifting exposure). Seemed to work well but next up I shall try the CPL! Saves adding any saturation in post.
    Also ?? to the points about app itself not affecting flight. There’s definitely some false info knocking around!

  10. Hi I tested the 919 and 920 version still compass issues, so I wrote DJI, the advice clear the cache, and then remove the DJI Fly app, and re-install it. Oki all settings gone. Testing it again and EVERYTHING works 100% fine!!!!! so I think this is the compass solution.

  11. Great video and great app test. Some channels perform a test with IOS, so i am glad that you are using Android (which is the most common in Europe anyhow). The cpl looks great so looking forward to your next video on this. However i also do like some water reflections but that depends on the circumstances. Have seen a video where a fisherman used cpl, so from the drone he could better see the fish swimming ?

  12. Thanks for the update great shots again
    Do you think a mini3 will come out this year and wat do you think it will have extras
    My bets are obstacle avoidance
    May be some camera extras settings
    Thanks barnsley john

  13. Good Video
    Solid connection
    and great handling in cold weather.

    Filter cult

    I might be the only one but I much prefer to shoot without any filters. I like to do all in post Processing.

    if you see your video in large screen (as I am seeing it on extra large monitor). lots of flare and flicker when sunlight is hitting that filter. That is distracting.

    Personal choice but filer is not for my liking due to these strange flares. 2:28 and 6:39 examples

  14. Great video mate ? even though that area is still a sore subject personally ☹
    Might try those filters, never had filters on any of my drones tbh but liking the water effect ?

  15. Yeah, strange that their auto update through the app isn’t auto updating. I had to manually load the apk. Didn’t get any notification even when I did a manual ‘check for updates for the app.

    I can’t see ANY differences in this. It probably isn’t really a version update as such since the version number is identical but the build number is incremented (to 920).
    Problem is we never really know what DJI actually change as they are never that forthcoming and use ‘bug fixes’ to hide a lot of things.

    Had a quick flight today (about 15 mins) and all seemed absolutely fine. Don’t think they have even added ‘auto battery flight extension time mode to this one’ ?

  16. I always go on the masses of signals lost
    Most people are new to the hobby are the ones usually who lose signal or crash etc etc
    Normally down to not doing there homework on the model in the first place .

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