DJI Mini 2 – All Details Confirmed!

Dji Mini 2 All Details Confirmed

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  1. I used the link you gave to try and order but it didn't work. I emailed DJI because I didn't see the DJI Mini listed anywhere and I thought that November 4 was the launch day. They sent me a text at 11:00 pm with a link and I chose the combo package. I added the SD card, the controller hood and DJI Care Refresh for 2 years at $79 for 3 times, they pay shipping both ways. I should have gotten the propeller guards but i didn't I may get those later.The total was $736.61 The combo deal was $150 more. Here is the link. I guess your link works as well now. I couldn't get it this morning or afternoon . Anyway, My wife is going to kill me for this purchase.

  2. 600 for a piece of plastic!!. Some guys just have money to burn.. DJI is the Apple for drones IMO. Sooner or later they'll be having their own stores as well so they can queue up! Madness!

  3. I am going to probably get this drone since the camera on my other drone got messed up after a crash, do you know if there is a way I can get it repaired? At a Mavic air 2

  4. Hello I went to the link to pre order but I didn’t see anything about pre ordering the mini 2. Can you give me some advice on the matter ? Thanks the video was informative ?

  5. Mini 2 is a garbage device compared to the Mavic Mini. The whole idea of this drone was to be lightweight and portable for traveling & backpacking. The new controller is like an extra iPhone in weight compared to the Mavic Mini controller. For anyone who uses the Mavic Mini for backpacking, this is a significant downgrade in capability. I will instead purchase DJI Care Refresh+ for the Mavic Mini and hold onto it for another year and see if DJI realizes they made a mistake making the product over 100 grams heavier than before. I’ll still get better images and videos with the Mavic Mini because I use ND filters, shoot manual & follow the 180 degree rule in shutter speed.

  6. Drat, I just got a Mini with fly more about 5 weeks ago. OccuSync 2 is SOOOOO solid on my M2P compared to the link on the Mini. I think I'll wait it out and see if they include it on the SmartController before I consider upgrading (and wait for everything to be fully tested). Good info though, thanks for posting!

  7. Bro i was going to get the mini fly more combo today thanks but i might just get the mini since its only 500 for the fly more combo instead of 600 for the fly more combo for the mini 2

  8. I have had my MM1 for about a year now. The purpose of me buying it is for the sub 250 g opportunities. I have no need for the DJI M2 but will buy it I ever lose/crash my MM1.

  9. Great video but you are way too close to the camera when you are filming move back about 2 or 3 feet we don't need to see every detail of your face. Very informative video thanks for posting!

  10. Man this news is really throwing a stick in ym feet, i am newbie droner and was weighing mini and air 2 … though the air 2 is scratching on my budget i was opting due to occusync and the smart features .. weight is not much of an issue since here in Greece its up to 1 kilo and within 50meter or report every flight .. now mini2 with occusync and maybe even a "follow me". your advise ? go for mini2 or scratch my budget … ?

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Dji Mini 2 All Details Confirmed

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Dji Mini 2 All Details Confirmed

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