DJI Mavic Mini 2 Updated Information – Breaking News !

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DJI Mavic Mini 2 Updated Information – Breaking News ! In this video Bill from Bill The Drone Reviewer hosts DJI Mavic Mini 2 Updated Information – Breaking News ! Join Marcus Crawford and Bill as they discuss the breaking news about the DJI Mavic Mini 2 followed by a detailed analysis. Be sure to answer the Question Of The Day !

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Bill is a drone pilot from Tampa, Florida. He enjoys flying camera drones, RC cars, and trying out new drones. When he’s not flying drones, Bill enjoys cooking, vlogging, ham radio, his granddaughter, watching sports, and relaxing with his wife and dog!

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  1. The mini at the moment has Ambarella H22 in it that is capable of 4K and Raw photos . DJI could have enabled RAW and AEB , Panorama these are just software changes .Even the api allows it

  2. I have the Mavic mini and the Mavic Air2. Is not gonna be better Then the air 2 I’m good. With enhanced WiFi. Just buy the Air2 it has way more features that the mini and the mini2 gonna have for sure

  3. Thanks for the great info, Ive been looking at getting a new drone for past few months and have been torn between the Mavic Mini and the slightly more expensive Mavic Air 2, I will wait a little longer to see what this NEW Mini 2 will offer. Subbed Thanks.

  4. I'm excited about the new Mavic Mini 2, I have the Mavic Air and I loved it because it was small and full of features. When the mini came out and it was smaller I loved that idea but to me it wasn't enough for me to upgrade to the mini. But now the Mavic Mini 2 may be worth the upgrade. We will see!

  5. The new update leaked from China for the mavic mini 1 . Version 1.1.10 adds extra power for longer transmission. And that the newer mavic mini 2 will have ac 2 compatibility.

  6. Love your videos, Bill. My favorite drone talk! Keep up the good work.

    I’ve had all the DJI drones, but the mini is my favorite because where I live in the Midwest, there isn’t the most beautiful landscape, so it’s harder to justify the more expensive models. Keeping a cheaper entry price while still being able to produce quality results is great for me.

    One drone reviewer today made a video stating the mini 2 will in fact have OCCUSYNC 2.0. He even went as far as to say he had a source and it’s “confirmed.” I guess we’ll see!

    I totally forgot about this, but one thing I would love for DJI to add is a 1080p transmission feed standard on all their drones moving forward. That jump from 720p to 1080p is very noticeable!

  7. At the risk of sounding petty or sarcastic, most YouTubers forget who their main viewers are, they aren't rich, don't own a house in Florida, and can't afford shelves full of toys.
    If you fall into the above category then by all means run, don't walk out, and get a Mini but if you're the average working stiff who's working and has a family to feed and is stretching resources to buy one good drone then, by all means, forget the Mini. OK, it's a good drone, good not great. I don't care how big motors are if it's still in the 249-gram weight class it will NEVER handle any kind of wind so you'll be disappointed when your friends are out flying their $200 "toys" and you're stuck at home. That's physics, not an option. Save a little more and buy a Mavic if you just HAVE to the name DJI on your drone but don't forget there are very good drones that have come way down in price. Now they may not go 5 miles out but they'll still go further than you can see.
    That's my view and I stick by it.

    Dance the Skies

  8. I hear the battery is little smaller.
    4k camera upgrade is pretty obvious.,
    possibly better ai flight features but probably not too much more they can add without going over 249g?
    I was on the fence about waiting for the mini 2, but then I saw the prime day sale and got the flymore combo for 499(cdn) which is the reg price of the drone itself. plus this way Ill have more fly time before Canadian winter kicks in.

  9. Hi Bill, isn't this just a retread of your previous post? I love your videos, but please don't beat us up with repeated information. I hope you take my comments as constructive criticism.

  10. Amazon had the Mavic Mini on sale during Prime Days this week. When inventory sold out, they were still selling stock that would arrive on October 23. When that sold out, it appeared they only had third-party premium priced offerings. I was wondering if I should read between the lines that they were emptying warehouses and order queues?

  11. Thanks for the update Bill. I wish DJI would focus more on the drones that made DJI what they are today (Phantoms and Full-Size Mavics) instead of focusing so much on the these toy drones and hand-held gimbals.

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