DJI Mavic Mini 2 – Rumors & Leaks!

Dji Mavic Mini 2 Rumors Amp Leaks

Pre-Order Mavic Mini 2:
The latest DJI Mavic Mini 2 Rumors & Leaks! Check for more info:
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2.5″ fpv DJI FPV quad:
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GPS Chip:
Smoke Stopper:
6S battery:
Software to make footage super smooth (Coupon QUAD5):
Soldering Iron:
6s balance lead:
14AWG wire:
Own built pack cells:
Blue tacky stuff:

Great BNF alternative:

Main Camera:
Main Lens:
B-Roll Lens:
Wide-Angle Lens:
Wireless Mic:
Lav Mic:
Shotgun Mic:
Voice Over Mic:
Action Cam:

Vertical Mouse:
Ergo Keyboard:

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  1. 1. real 4k , 2. active track, 3. ocusync , 4. raw, 5. panorama and more flight modes, maybe even flat profiles for video . Theese are the features I want on the drone, in this order of importance. If it has 3(especially 4k) of the features I said i want I'll preorder it in day 1 🙂

  2. They could use different material for M mini 2 that is strong but lightweights than plastic-
    Definitely I would love to see in MM2

    -Same Price (499)
    -4K with adjustable contrast
    -Active track
    -stronger propellers
    -VR option

  3. Too obvious for me to be able to buy one…lighter weight so your able to put on a couple extras like polarizers or grad filters so you can get some very cool water shots. Also obstacle avoidance would help as well.

  4. Great video, the Mavic really produces some great quality footage, i highly recommend it, if anyone doesnt believe me, well check out the videos i just released on my CHANNEL, all shot the mavic, check them out, feedback is appreciated…thanks for the video, great stuff

  5. Is it worth getting the mavic mini fly more combo today as its 100 off or should I wait for the mavic mini 2 and get it WITHOUT the fly more combo (budget is 400). I dont think the mavic mini 2 will have any black friday deals right?

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Dji Mavic Mini 2 Rumors Amp Leaks

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Dji Mavic Mini 2 Rumors Amp Leaks

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