DJI Mavic Mini 2 Possible Pictures & Specs – Breaking News !

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DJI Mavic Mini 2 Possible Pictures & Specs – Breaking News ! In this video Bill from Bill The Drone Reviewer hosts DJI Mavic Mini 2 Possible Pictures & Specs – Breaking News ! Join Bill as he discusses the breaking news about the DJI Mavic Mini 2 regarding possible pictures, specs, and a new name.

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Bill is a drone pilot from Tampa, Florida. He enjoys flying camera drones, RC cars, and trying out new drones. When he’s not flying drones, Bill enjoys cooking, vlogging, ham radio, his granddaughter, watching sports, and relaxing with his wife and dog!

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  1. Please read this pinned comment before posting one.

    I did not find out about the video from Our Beatific World under after the broadcast (this was a livestream). All I had were the still pictures.

    Please check out the unboxing video from Our Beatific World

    The current Mavic Mini box has a different picture on the front than on the back. Same with the Mini 2.

    Thank you for smashing that like button, you great chat and comments, and your incredible support !

  2. It would have been proper to give "Our Beatific World", some credit. No mention, nothing. Afer all, he is the source of the leak and all those images you are using….

  3. Thank you Bill, I will be ordering it if it has ocusync for sure. I always wanted smart controller compatibility with the M Mini since it was released.

  4. Hi Bill. I have seen the unboxing video and it seems legit. It would be a lot of trouble and money to produce a fake unboxing video. Yesterday I had two confirmed informations from Brazil from people that had seen the Mini 2. One was the MA2 type controller and the other was the orange stripes on the propellers instead of grey as on the Mini 1. Both were confirmed on the unboxing video and it's almost impossible that the guy that made the unboxing video had talked with my sources in Brazil.

    On my comment to your last video, I had almost all the specs correct. Just got it wrong on the front OA sensor. Unfortunately no OA sensor implies no Activ Track.

    On the unboxing video we can see a gap on the Mini's front, it seems to be not a OA sensor but an air vent to improve the cooling needed for the higher transfer rate needed to transfer 4k video. I had been told that the reason why the Mini 1 hadn't 4K was due to overheat. I believe that Mini 1 that were sent to testers had 4K but they found the overheating problem.

    For me, the MA2 controller was a posibility from the start as the MM controller didn't comply with EASA C0 class requirements but the MA2 did. Therefore the possibility of the Mini 2 having occusync was strong.

  5. I betcha they cripple the 4k recording bitrate to 60mbp/s (Air-2 has 100mbp/s) and they cap the Ocusync amplifier watts to half power to cut it's transmission distance down to protect the Air-2

  6. Hi Bill, IMO you should have referenced the original YouTube reference to this news. Considering his small subscriber base he could probably use the reference. For some reason I can no longer find his video.

  7. Bill, if Ocusync 2.0. Is real? that’s fantastic news??I shared you’re video on the Mini RC Groups Page! Let’s wait and see on the 5th of November! Thanks for sharing this and all your other video’s about the Mini 2. I love my current Mini but if this is true and the motors can handle wind better I think I will upgrade to the Mini 2! Greetings from ??

  8. There is a video of a guy going in Best Buy and buying it, and goes to un boxing it. These pics are from that video. But if you look at what the box looks like in the case, is different at the unboxing…

  9. Hello bill. Excellent video but personally I believe is a Shame that DJI supposed to upgrade the mavic mini and kind of disappointed because the only new stuff is the remote control, 4k and the distance, they didn't change the appearance neither the props or obstacle avoidance the spark had obstacle avoidance but I know it's more heavier than the mavic mini so it's kind of difficult decision of upgrading my mavic mini 1

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