DJI Mavic Mini 2 – Most Requested Features & Latest News!

Dji Mavic Mini 2 Most Requested Features Amp Latest News

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00:00 Intro
01:07 Feature 1
03:02 Feature 2
04:07 Feature 3
05:46 Important Announcement
06:19 Feature 4
07:27 under 250g? 250g? Or 251g?
08:11 Feature 5
09:00 Feature 6
10:13 Feature 7
11:30 The rest of requested Mavic Mini 2 Features
14:09 Smart Controller Support
15:30 Latest Mavic Mini 2 Info

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  1. Did anyone noticed a thin orange/yellow line at the top left corner? I had noticed in all the 4K footage from the DJi mini 2 even at DJi website they have that sensor problem. I just finished watching a Spanish youtuber channel where they talking about many many people already noticed that issue.

  2. Whatever DJI will do with the Mavic Mini 2 one thing is sure!!!
    I really love my Mavic Mini and I can't wait this to come out so I can purchase it immediately!!!

  3. I think some are asking too much for 250 grams and price. I am happy with the price and quality of mm1. Especially with 3rd party apps. It unlocks many features like waypoints.

  4. real 4k and active track and I'll preorder it in day 1 if they don't increase the price a lot and keep it light. Also raw and obstable avoidance, improved range, maybe a little better camera(1/1.7 sensor?) and picture profiles would be nice improvements, but I don't think(99%) they will give it to us.

  5. I wish they would release some kind of Mavic Mini Pro (be it hardware or as a paid firmware upgrade) with a higher price point but with all kinds of camera features that more professional filmmakes need like like DNG Raw, D-Log, more dynamic range, less moire… Sometimes it's just easier to get a sub 250g drone in the air than a heavier one, especially if you just need one or two drone shots for your edit but want it to match a Blackmagic Camera that you are shooting on the ground with.

  6. So when a new model of devices sales in my country instead of older one get cheaper new one came more expensive because of our bad economy. My question is do you think waiting for features of mavic mini 2 will be worth to pay twice as much more than mini 1

  7. I think you may be right about no OcuSync so that means I'll be saving myself some hard earned after tax $
    The camera in the Mini 1 could be updated to 4k with a firmware update from what other YouTubers have reported.

  8. Hey quadcopterguide! I’m so sorry I haven’t been commenting. I haven’t really been online much because of school and the election coming up…etc. But, I can assure you, I have still been watching your videos on our family TV. Also, I just got the quadcopterguide stickers in the mail, and I put them on my mavic mini case! Thank you so much. But anyways, I’m Soooo excited for the mini 2, and I’ll probably start saving soon. Thank you so much, quadcopterguide!?

  9. I didn't buy the mini specifically because it didn't have 4k and that was obviously capped down to when a Mini 2 was launched. DJI loves programed obsolescence. I may get the mini 2 IF it is not too overpriced. Only thing I want from it is 4k video and manual exposure compensation. RAW format would be nice, but I don't expect much from a 1/2.3 sensor anyway.

  10. I have a few DJI drones, including the mini. I love the features that they all have individually. On the mm2, first and foremost, I think it will have a definite camera upgrade as everyone is speculating. I think it'll be wifi still,but perhaps a better version. I think ocusync will only be available for the higher end drones. Definitely will be under 250grams since that is the biggest marketing feature of the mm1. I'm hoping it will have twist lock props and not the current mm1 style.

  11. Why no active track?It work with quickshoots and Litchy is develop active track for Mini i desagre you dont nead sensors for active track,eaven my Osmo Mobile 2 cheap gimbal have active treack and motion track…………

  12. Hey man!!
    I have a suggestion for you about the framing of your video…
    I think a bit wide framing will be better, and also the vertical distance between your head and the top of the frame can be reduced. Maybe it will look better and the audience will not feel like constantly staring at your face…
    Not criticizing you, just a suggestion. Btw, thanks for the updates.

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Dji Mavic Mini 2 Most Requested Features Amp Latest News

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Dji Mavic Mini 2 Most Requested Features Amp Latest News

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