DJI Mavic Air 2 Urban Range & Interference Test (vs. Mavic 2)

Dji Mavic Air 2 Urban Range Amp Interference Test Vs Mavic 2

Today we test the range of the DJI Mavic Air 2 in an urban environment.

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DJI Mavic Air 2:

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Written by Billy Kyle


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  1. So i was wondering whats up with mine? I purchased one of these drones and took it over to my dads house to fly it. He lives in a normal neighborhood with power lines and more and more homes around him. I've watched videos like these where guys can fly over 25k ft away before losing signal. I was only getting 4k at my dads house. Is there something i am doing wrong or is it just interference?

  2. You wasn't facing the directly in the direction of the drone. Check your video where u lost connection…. You was slightly off the direction of the drone based in the telemetry on the your phone. You need to do this test again. Especially with the new and recent updates Drones has gotten major updates since then. It's an entirely new drone from when it first came out!

  3. Does Height matter at all when you want to go really far away with it? I am losing signal all the time and sometimes only 1500 ft away…and this was supposed to be one of it's major selling points….I thought I saw someone mention the higher you fly it the farther you can fly it

  4. Maybe you should try another range test with the mini and air 1? According to your range test, the air 1 has worse range than spark, but I have seen people get over 5 km with air 1, unmoded, and only have to return because of battery. When you did the test with spark, mini, and air 1, you said that the spark and mini where in 5.8, but the air 1 was stuck in 2.4, which can make a large difference in high interference areas. As far as I know, the transmission system of the mini and air 1 is the same (correct me if I'm wrong), thanks

  5. Where do you guys live and what range do you get? Please comment because I live in a city with about 16k people and can't even get a mile most days. Their is 1 airport but that's literally it. I'm very disappointed with the range. Not sure if my drone is faulty or something but I did expect alot better results. Also what wifi mode do you choose? Manual, dual or auto?

  6. I was flying my Mavic Air II and lost "image transmission" at a distance of 445m (error code 80004). Most definitely must be doing something wrong, any thoughts? It's a new drone, is it worth having DJI look at it or would that be a rabbit hole? Thank you for any feed back. P.S. Billy, love your very informative videos.


Dji Mavic Air 2 Urban Range Amp Interference Test Vs Mavic 2

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Dji Mavic Air 2 Urban Range Amp Interference Test Vs Mavic 2

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