DJI Mavic Air 2 In-Depth Hands-On Review

Dji Mavic Air 2 In Depth Hands On Review

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Shoutout to Mike Dewey the drone Wizzard on our team for testing this thing out. Pretty epic done as usual from DJI! If you have a question at all about this drone ask us in the comments!



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0:00 – Introduction
2:18 – Mavic Air 2 Features Overview
3:45 – Mavic Air 2 Photo Quality
4:17 – Battery life on the Mavic Air 2
5:30 – 4k Video on the Mavic Air 2
5:50 – Mavic Air 2 Test Flight
6:50 – Mavic Air 2 Controller Overview
7:35 – DJI active tracking feature
11:10 – Tips for shooting epic drone shots
12:55 – DJI Drones Comparison
15:00 – Who should buy the Mavic Air 2


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  1. I was disappointed that DJI crippled the waypoints in the MA2 software/firmware. It has "Waypoints for hyperlapse mode" in the features. I didn't figure out that was some kind of bologna waypoints system and really you cant fly missions at all. Really deceptive DJI! Probably will never support Litchi because it is crippled in the SDK too. They are trying to push you up to the pro version. Gonna eat the restocking fee and send it back.

  2. Nobody ever talks about how to actually fly them, does it rise up and freeze up in the air above the subject so as to be able to take nice aerial video shots? like hoover above my house at say 100m and stay on the same spot and take a nice shot of my pulling out of my driveway handsfree? meaning the drone jus hanging in the air without me having to control it, can it do that? or one always have to be behind the monitor?
    Secondly, does it track automatically or you have to place the cursor on the object to track it?

  3. Thanks for this video!
    I was so on the fence with this and the pro. I'm a professional photographer on a budget, but really wanted the ability to adjust the aperture.
    Knowing that the camera on the Air 2 can accept ND and CPL filters, I'll be buying the Air 2 with the confidence it'll give me what I'm looking for.
    I love taking landscapes around Kentucky, and am really looking forward to seeing a new dimension in my photo & video work with the use of a drone.


Dji Mavic Air 2 In Depth Hands On Review

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Dji Mavic Air 2 In Depth Hands On Review

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