DJI LAUNCH EVENT 15TH DEC! (NEW DJI Enterprise Thermal Device?)

Dji Launch Event 15th Dec New Dji Enterprise Thermal Device

DJI has announced a new event for 15th December but it’s not the DJI FPV Drone, instead it could be a DJI Enterprise product ( – If you’re thinking of buying the new DJI FPV drone, watch this first –

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  1. Isn't it posible that dji is going to release 2 fpv drones, because the leaks look like a different drone. Maybe a enterprise drone with a high resolution recording camera and one with just a fpv camera?

  2. Very interesting indeed, if its the DJI FPV (few – can I have another vowel please..!), then its it's got at least a single axis gimble. Which makes sense in order to maintain level footage at various speeds during its flight.

    Also, it makes me think about that teaser pit stop footage and how the lollipop member of the pit crew looks motionless, while the drone is still moving. Two lenses could be how this shot was achieved?

    Or, it's a dummy person and I'm reading into it a bit too much ? Either way, we definitely don't have long to wait!

  3. Seems appropriate to have a two lens gimbal on their fpv drone. DJI won't be giving easy opportunity for Go-Pro add-ons, when cameras is their game. They already know dji fpv feed is good but not Go-Pro or indeed Mavix quality that users will be looking for.

  4. It would make sense for DJI to launch before the new European drone regulation take effect on January 1st. Don't they have to have some sort of classification label on it that's difficult to get right now?

  5. Hmmm.. Those screws are big compared to the cameras… lots of weight… so I wonder if it's a Skydio 2 AI type drone not related to the FPV… or is it the FPV with a nice hybrid obstacle avoidance tech to bring FPV to us cinematic flyers? That is a HUGE market.

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Dji Launch Event 15th Dec New Dji Enterprise Thermal Device

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Dji Launch Event 15th Dec New Dji Enterprise Thermal Device

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