DJI Launch Event – 14th October 2020 – "Instant Clarity Superior Accuracy"

Dji Launch Event 14th October 2020 Quot Instant Clarity Superior Accuracy Quot

Another new product from DJI (, launching on the 14th October at 16:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) – but is this product for consumers or the enterprise/professional market? Let’s discuss!



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  1. If this is an enterprise orientated event, hinting at a 3D mapping and modeling service. Then expect the official launch of a system called DJI Terra.

    The system was originally an "apple only" mapping and modelling app, combined with an enhanced GPS module – pictured on the DJI website attached to the top of a Phantom.

    The module is small enough to be added to the mavic 2 enterprise list of add-ons, so expect a drone to make an appearance here – but, this time I suspect it's more of a supporting role!

  2. Hey Ash. It is from the Enterprise division. Saw this on Twitter. And I saw some pictures leading up to it. And you could be right. Or maybe it's a camera. I'll just wait. It's only a couple of weeks. Thanks for the information and thanks for sharing. And let me know when you want those voice overs

  3. Your analysis of a crumb of detail is so spot on. Your viewers would trust you to investigate the 'moon landing'…but then your channel might disappear?

  4. C’mon, Ash, DJI has plenty of new consumer products! The mapping/surveying software will be truly exciting if it works with the MA2 because of the portability to remote areas. Of course, I’m a Forester looking to do lots of in-woods mapping. ?
    Thanks for the update!!

  5. What?! Drone U in the clickbait group? Say it isn't so! ???
    One of the 2 clowns can't even figure out what agency we deal with in the US……..constantly says what sounds like either FTA or FDA. But we'll have 2 new mavics soon according to them! ??
    Keep up the good work Ash. ?

  6. I bought my first phantom years ago and a month later The next upgrade came out, last week my new Phantom 2.0 showed up so I thought for sure that this would have been the announcement for the phantom five. Sorry fellow flyers I tried

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Dji Launch Event 14th October 2020 Quot Instant Clarity Superior Accuracy Quot

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Dji Launch Event 14th October 2020 Quot Instant Clarity Superior Accuracy Quot

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