DJI – Introducing the DJI Digital FPV System

Dji Introducing The Dji Digital Fpv System

Avid fans of FPV drone flying often refer to it as an experience of absolute freedom. Users can fly high in picturesque locations or rapidly speed around a brightly-lit race track. With their new Digital FPV System, DJI seeks to bring people closer to this feeling of awe. Learn how this highly-integrated transmission solution and its powerful components deliver an experience unlike any other.

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  1. We don’t need more bullshit FPV drones. The FPV experience is super disapointing.
    What we need is TRUE VR. A drone with 2 cameras in the front of the drone. Each one sending a separate image to the high resolution screens in the googles.
    This is what the world needs. No more flat FPV shit. You might aswell have one screen glued to your face, that would give a far better resolution, not to mention that stupid magnefying glass, that separates the pixels.
    So in short one camera and one screen for each eye. Two slightly different images so you get true depth. True and real experience.
    FPV is for people who do not know better.

  2. All future people wondering why it’s not compatible with DJI camera drones. It’s not compatible because it is a low latency system designed for custom built race/freestyle fpv drones. No it won’t work with your mavic only race and freestyle drones.


Dji Introducing The Dji Digital Fpv System

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Dji Introducing The Dji Digital Fpv System

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