DJI gets pilots immersed in the action with FPV racing drone

Dji Gets Pilots Immersed In The Action With Fpv Racing Drone

DJI has kicked off its 15th anniversary celebrations with a new flyer that puts the pilot in the virtual cockpit of a racing drone, while capturing the adventures in ultra high definition courtesy of the gimbaled cinema camera.

“Right out of the box, DJI FPV combines the best available technology for a hybrid drone like no other,” said DJI Europe’s Ferdinand Wolf. “It can fly like a racer, hover like a traditional drone, accelerate like a homebuilt project and stop faster than any of them. DJI FPV lets the world experience the absolute thrill of immersive drone flight without being intimidated by the technology or spending hours building a system from scratch. We can’t wait for the world to try it.”

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The FPV package comes with the racing drone, goggles and a dedicate remote controller, but there’s also the option of taking the controls single handedly thanks to a new motion controller.

The drone measures 255 x 312 x 127 mm (10 x 12 x 5 in) and tips the scales at 795 g (28 oz), and has a maximum per charge flight time of 20 minutes (which was measured in calm conditions at a speed of 40 km/h).

Donning the 420-g (14.8-oz) goggles allows a pilot to see the flight from the drone’s perspective, with DJI promising a low-latency high-def video stream over a 10-km (6.2 mi) transmission range, with auto switching of frequencies and anti-interference technology helping to ensure a stable feed.

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Source: Paul Ridden

Photo credit: DJI


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Dji Gets Pilots Immersed In The Action With Fpv Racing Drone

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Dji Gets Pilots Immersed In The Action With Fpv Racing Drone

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